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Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Stuart Family FoundationCampaign Legal Center$250,0002012+
2Stuart Family FoundationQuilliam Foundation$250,0002012+
3Stuart Family FoundationAmerica Abroad Media$150,0002012+
4Stuart Family FoundationBipartisan Policy Center$100,0002012+
5Stuart Family FoundationParents Television Council$100,0002012+
6Stuart Family FoundationBill of Rights Institute$75,0002012+
7Stuart Family FoundationCouncil on Foreign Relations$75,0002012+
8Stuart Family FoundationInterfaith Youth Core$75,0002012+
9Stuart Family FoundationJamestown Foundation$75,0002012+
10Stuart Family FoundationPrinceton University$75,0002012+
11Stuart Family FoundationSecuring America's Future Energy$75,0002012+
12Stuart Family FoundationWomen's World Banking$75,0002012+
13Stuart Family FoundationLexington Institute$65,0002012+
14Stuart Family FoundationAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni$50,0002012+
15Stuart Family FoundationAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni$50,0002012+
16Stuart Family FoundationAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$50,0002012+
17Stuart Family FoundationCenter for Immigration Studies$50,0002012+
18Stuart Family FoundationConsortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children$50,0002012+
19Stuart Family FoundationConvergence-Consensus Building Institute$50,0002012+
20Stuart Family FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$50,0002012+
21Stuart Family FoundationMorality in Media$50,0002012+
22Stuart Family FoundationSTATS$50,0002012+
23Stuart Family FoundationConstitutional Rights Foundation Chicago$40,0002012+
24Stuart Family FoundationCenter on Media and Child Health$32,0002012+
25Stuart Family FoundationConvergence-Consensus Building Institute$25,0002012+
26Stuart Family FoundationFood Corps Inc.$25,0002012+
27Stuart Family FoundationGlobal Youth Leadership Institute$25,0002012+
28Stuart Family FoundationHealthy Schools Campaign$25,0002012+
29Stuart Family FoundationInner City Muslim Action Network$25,0002012+
30Stuart Family FoundationInternational Women's Health Coalition$25,0002012+
31Stuart Family FoundationStevenson Center on Democracy$25,0002012+
32Stuart Family FoundationGeorge Washington University$22,0002012+
33Stuart Family FoundationUrban Initiatives$15,0002012+
34Stuart Family FoundationChatham Hall$12,0002012+
35Stuart Family FoundationSt. Andrews School$12,0002012+
36Stuart Family FoundationCenter for Strategic and International Studies$11,6672012+
37Stuart Family FoundationBoy Scouts of America-Northeast Council$10,0002012+
38Stuart Family FoundationCommon Good$10,0002012+
39Stuart Family FoundationFresh Taste$10,0002012+
40Stuart Family FoundationGrace Episcopal Church$10,0002012+
41Stuart Family FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$10,0002012+
42Stuart Family FoundationMoving Picture Institute$10,0002012+
43Stuart Family FoundationWorld Learning$10,0002012+
44Stuart Family FoundationWorld Learning$10,0002012+
45Stuart Family FoundationLowCountry Institute$6,0002012+
46Stuart Family FoundationPuppies Behind Bars$6,0002012+
47Stuart Family FoundationTown of Inlet$5,4082012+
48Stuart Family FoundationCentral New York Living History Center$5,0002012+
49Stuart Family FoundationChicago Symphony Orchestra$5,0002012+
50Stuart Family FoundationExecutive Service Corps of Chicago$5,0002012+
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