603 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
2Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
3Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002012+
4Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002012+
5Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002012+
6Stephen WynnDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$5,0002012+
7Stephen WynnRepublican National Committee$30,8002011+
8Stephen WynnRepublican National Committee$30,8002011+
9Stephen WynnRepublican Governors Association$250,0002011+
10Stephen WynnMark AmodeiMark Amodei$2,5002011+
11Stephen WynnRepublican Governors Association$5,8002011+
12Stephen WynnSearchlight Leadership Fund$5,0002011+
13Stephen WynnJoe HeckJoe Heck$2,5002011+
14Stephen WynnJoe HeckJoe Heck$2,5002011+
15Stephen WynnJoe HeckJoe Heck$-2,5002011+
16Stephen WynnDean Heller$2,5002011+
17Stephen WynnDean Heller$2,5002011+
18Stephen WynnDave CampDave Camp$2,5002011+
19Stephen WynnDave CampDave Camp$2,5002011+
20Stephen WynnNational Republican Congressional Committee$30,8002011+
21Stephen WynnMark AmodeiMark Amodei$2,5002011+
22Stephen WynnMark AmodeiMark Amodei$2,5002011+
23Stephen WynnRepublican Governors Association$100,0002011+
24Stephen WynnJoe HeckJoe Heck$2,5002011+
25Stephen WynnTom PriceTom Price$1,7712011+
26Stephen WynnDavid Bobzien$1,0002010+
27Stephen WynnMarilyn Dondero Loop$1,0002010+
28Stephen WynnKate Marshall$2,5002010+
29Stephen WynnMo Denis$1,5002010+
30Stephen WynnRobert L. Ehrlich Jr.$5,0002010+
31Stephen WynnRobert L. Ehrlich Jr.$-1,0002010+
32Stephen WynnBarbara K. Cegavske$2,0002010+
33Stephen WynnMichael Roberson$2,0002010+
34Stephen WynnAssembly Democratic Caucus of Nevada$2,5002010+
35Stephen WynnSteven Corbett$1,0002010+
36Stephen WynnJohn McCainJohn McCain$2,4002010+
37Stephen WynnMarcus Conklin$1,5002010+
38Stephen WynnNevadans for Qualified Judges$30,0002010+
39Stephen WynnJames Dean Leavitt$1,0002010+
40Stephen WynnPete Livermore$2,5002010+
41Stephen WynnJoe Hardy$1,5002010+
42Stephen WynnKevin C. Melcher$1,0002010+
43Stephen WynnNational Republican Congressional Committee$30,4002010+
44Stephen WynnNevada Senate Democrats$2,5002010+
45Stephen WynnJason D. Geddes$1,0002010+
46Stephen WynnRepublican Assembly Caucus of Nevada$5,0002010+
47Stephen WynnApril Mastroluca$1,0002010+
48Stephen WynnKevin J. Page$1,0002010+
49Stephen WynnMelissa Woodbury$2,5002010+
50Stephen WynnScott Hammond$2,5002010+
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