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151State Policy NetworkJosiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy$26,0002009+
152State Policy NetworkIllinois Policy Institute$30,0002009+
153State Policy NetworkIdaho Freedom Foundation$135,0002009+
154State Policy NetworkIdaho Freedom Foundation$110,0002009+
155State Policy NetworkEverglades Legal Foundation$20,0002009+
156State Policy NetworkCommon Sense Institute of New Jersey$50,0002009+
157State Policy NetworkCascade Policy Institute$30,0002009+
158State Policy NetworkOpen Government Institute of California$25,0002009+
159State Policy NetworkOpen Government Institute of California$100,0002009+
160State Policy NetworkArkanansas Policy Foundation$6,1002009+
161State Policy NetworkAlabama Policy Institute$30,0002009+
162State Policy NetworkVirginia Institute for Public Policy$28,9412008+
163State Policy NetworkTexas Watchdog$82,0002008+
164State Policy NetworkTexas Public Policy Foundation$25,0002008+
165State Policy NetworkCompetitive Governance Institute (Formerly Sam Adams Alliance)$180,0002008+
166State Policy NetworkRio Grande Foundation$35,0002008+
167State Policy NetworkPelican Institute$240,0002008+
168State Policy NetworkOcean State Policy Research$121,2502008+
169State Policy NetworkNorth Dakota Policy institute$85,0002008+
170State Policy NetworkMaryland Public Policy Institute$30,0002008+
171State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002008+
172State Policy NetworkMaclver Institute$50,0002008+
173State Policy NetworkMackinac Center for Public Policy$50,0002008+
174State Policy NetworkJohn Locke Foundation$20,0002008+
175State Policy NetworkMaclver Institute$25,0002008+
176State Policy NetworkJames Madison Institute$25,0002008+
177State Policy NetworkIdaho Freedom Foundation$15,0002008+
178State Policy NetworkGoldwater Institute for Public Policy$30,0002008+
179State Policy NetworkEvergreen Freedom Foundation$36,7502008+
180State Policy NetworkDC Progress$81,7912008+
181State Policy NetworkCaesar Rodney Institute$40,0002008+
182State Policy NetworkBeacon Hill Institute$29,2502008+
183State Policy NetworkWisconsin Policy Research Institute$61,0552007+
184State Policy NetworkWashington Policy Center$7,0292007+
185State Policy NetworkThomas Jefferson Institute$15,0002007+
186State Policy NetworkJosiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy$8192007+
187State Policy NetworkJames Madison Institute$6222007+
188State Policy NetworkTexas Public Policy Foundation$80,0002007+
189State Policy NetworkTennessee Center for Policy Research$52,5892007+
190State Policy NetworkSutherland Institute$1,3242007+
191State Policy NetworkSouth Carolina Policy Council$40,0002007+
192State Policy NetworkShow-Me Institute$87,9512007+
193State Policy NetworkSouth Carolina Policy Council$1,1392007+
194State Policy NetworkCompetitive Governance Institute (Formerly Sam Adams Alliance)$1,3862007+
195State Policy NetworkPublic Policy Foundation of West Virginia$35,0002007+
196State Policy NetworkPublic Interest Institute$15,0002007+
197State Policy NetworkPioneer Institute$7182007+
198State Policy NetworkPelican Institute$5,0002007+
199State Policy NetworkOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$40,0002007+
200State Policy NetworkOcean State Policy Research$50,9162007+
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