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101State Policy NetworkAdvance Arkansas Institute$50,0002011+
102State Policy NetworkTNReportcom News Services$7,9852011+
103State Policy NetworkThomas Jefferson Institute$50,0002011+
104State Policy NetworkFoundation for Government Accountability$60,0002011+
105State Policy NetworkRio Grande Foundation$30,0002011+
106State Policy NetworkRhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity$122,0002011+
107State Policy NetworkOregon Capital Watch Fund$90,0002011+
108State Policy NetworkOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$30,0002011+
109State Policy NetworkNorth Dakota Policy institute$53,0002011+
110State Policy NetworkMackinac Center for Public Policy$60,0002011+
111State Policy NetworkIllinois Policy Institute$80,0002011+
112State Policy NetworkGoldwater Institute for Public Policy$30,0002011+
113State Policy NetworkGeorgia Public Policy Foundation$24,5002011+
114State Policy NetworkFreedom Foundation$33,5002011+
115State Policy NetworkFirst Freedom Foundation of South Dakota$10,0002011+
116State Policy NetworkCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$45,0002011+
117State Policy NetworkCascade Policy Institute$30,0002011+
118State Policy NetworkBeacon Hill Institute$29,5002011+
119State Policy NetworkBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$20,0002011+
120State Policy NetworkWashington Policy Center$42,7502010+
121State Policy NetworkTexas Public Policy Foundation$19,5002010+
122State Policy NetworkSouth Carolina Policy Council$31,5002010+
123State Policy NetworkSolutions for New Jersey$12,5002010+
124State Policy NetworkPelican Institute$8,0002010+
125State Policy NetworkOpen Government Institute of California$10,0002010+
126State Policy NetworkNevada Policy Research Institute$35,5002010+
127State Policy NetworkMontana Policy Institute$38,0002010+
128State Policy NetworkMaryland Public Policy Institute$30,0002010+
129State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$31,0002010+
130State Policy NetworkMackinac Center for Public Policy$25,0002010+
131State Policy NetworkJames Madison Institute$54,0002010+
132State Policy NetworkIndependence Institute$72,5002010+
133State Policy NetworkEverglades Legal Foundation$150,0002010+
134State Policy NetworkCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$56,5002010+
135State Policy NetworkCascade Policy Institute$30,0002010+
136State Policy NetworkCaesar Rodney Institute$26,0002010+
137State Policy NetworkBeacon Hill Institute$29,5002010+
138State Policy NetworkWyoming Liberty Group$25,0002009+
139State Policy NetworkWyoming Liberty Group$65,0002009+
140State Policy NetworkWashington Policy Center$5,0002009+
141State Policy NetworkVirginia Institute for Public Policy$30,0002009+
142State Policy NetworkTexas Public Policy Foundation$30,0002009+
143State Policy NetworkSouth Carolina Policy Council$50,0002009+
144State Policy NetworkRio Grande Foundation$30,0002009+
145State Policy NetworkMaryland Public Policy Institute$30,0002009+
146State Policy NetworkEmpire Center for Public Policy$30,0002009+
147State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$5,0002009+
148State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002009+
149State Policy NetworkMaine Heritage Policy Center$30,0002009+
150State Policy NetworkLiberty on the Rocks$50,0002009+
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