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Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Scaife Family FoundationAbility Center of Greater Toledo$25,0002012+
2Scaife Family FoundationAchievement Centers for Children & Families$20,0002012+
3Scaife Family FoundationAll Creatures Sanctuary$100,0002012+
4Scaife Family FoundationAllegheny Land Trust$10,0002012+
5Scaife Family FoundationAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals$40,0002012+
6Scaife Family FoundationAnimal Adoption Center$15,0002012+
7Scaife Family FoundationAnimal Recovery Mission$100,0002012+
8Scaife Family FoundationAnimal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania$125,0002012+
9Scaife Family FoundationBetty Ford Center$100,0002012+
10Scaife Family FoundationBetty Ford Center$100,0002012+
11Scaife Family FoundationBig Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh$15,0002012+
12Scaife Family FoundationBoys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County$50,0002012+
13Scaife Family FoundationBusch Wildlife Sanctuary$20,0002012+
14Scaife Family FoundationCanine Companions for Independence Southeast Region$15,0002012+
15Scaife Family FoundationCaring Children/Clothing Children$7,0002012+
16Scaife Family FoundationCarnegie Library of Pittsburgh$15,0002012+
17Scaife Family FoundationCASA of Allegheny County$60,0002012+
18Scaife Family FoundationCenter for Immigration Studies$75,0002012+
19Scaife Family FoundationCenter on Addiction and the Family$150,0002012+
20Scaife Family FoundationCentro Infantil San Pablo$28,0002012+
21Scaife Family FoundationChildren's Home Society of Florida$10,0002012+
22Scaife Family FoundationThe Children's Institute of Pittsburgh$20,0002012+
23Scaife Family FoundationCircle Tail (Pleasant Plain OH)$20,0002012+
24Scaife Family FoundationCrisis Center North (Pittsburgh PA)$15,0002012+
25Scaife Family FoundationCrossroads Club Inc.$7,0002012+
26Scaife Family FoundationDelaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue$22,0002012+
27Scaife Family FoundationDolphin Research Center$5,0002012+
28Scaife Family FoundationDress for Success Pittsburgh$15,0002012+
29Scaife Family FoundationEntrepreneuring Youth (Pittsburgh PA)$75,0002012+
30Scaife Family FoundationFamily Resources of Pennsylvania$26,0002012+
31Scaife Family FoundationFriends of the Needy$25,0002012+
32Scaife Family FoundationGlade Run Foundation$15,0002012+
33Scaife Family FoundationGratitude House (West Palm Beach FL)$7,0002012+
34Scaife Family FoundationHazelden Foundation$80,0002012+
35Scaife Family FoundationHeart & Soul Animal Sanctuary$50,0002012+
36Scaife Family FoundationHorse Haven of Tennessee$8,5002012+
37Scaife Family FoundationHORSE of Connecticut$5,0002012+
38Scaife Family FoundationHorses and the Handicapped of South Florida$6,0002012+
39Scaife Family FoundationInstitute for Research Education and Training in Addictions$56,0002012+
40Scaife Family FoundationJack The Bike Man$10,0002012+
41Scaife Family FoundationKelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund$5,0002012+
42Scaife Family FoundationKody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation$5,0002012+
43Scaife Family FoundationLonghopes Donkey Shelter$1,5002012+
44Scaife Family FoundationMake-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Pennsylvania and Southern West Virginia$39,0002012+
45Scaife Family FoundationMcCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary$5,0002012+
46Scaife Family FoundationNational Disaster Search Dog Foundation$50,0002012+
47Scaife Family FoundationNational Disaster Search Dog Foundation$250,0002012+
48Scaife Family FoundationNational Fatherhood Initiative$30,0002012+
49Scaife Family FoundationNational Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network$35,0002012+
50Scaife Family FoundationNew Horizons Service Dogs$15,0002012+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.