237 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Nature Conservancy$63,6732012+
2Robert P. Rotella FoundationConservation International Foundation$35,0002012+
3Robert P. Rotella FoundationInstitute for Justice$30,0002012+
4Robert P. Rotella FoundationCato Institute$25,0002012+
5Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Conservation Fund$20,0002012+
6Robert P. Rotella FoundationConservation Lands Foundation$17,5002012+
7Robert P. Rotella FoundationMoving Picture Institute$15,0002012+
8Robert P. Rotella FoundationRainforest Alliance$15,0002012+
9Robert P. Rotella FoundationCompetitive Enterprise Institute$12,5002012+
10Robert P. Rotella FoundationMainwaring Archive Foundation$12,5002012+
11Robert P. Rotella FoundationProperty and Environment Research Center$12,5002012+
12Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Salvation Army$12,5002012+
13Robert P. Rotella FoundationAnimal Welfare Institute$10,0002012+
14Robert P. Rotella FoundationAtlas Economic Research Foundation$10,0002012+
15Robert P. Rotella FoundationAyn Rand Institute$10,0002012+
16Robert P. Rotella FoundationCenter for Biological Diversity$10,0002012+
17Robert P. Rotella FoundationEarthjustice$10,0002012+
18Robert P. Rotella FoundationGoldwater Institute$10,0002012+
19Robert P. Rotella FoundationLudwig von Mises Institute$10,0002012+
20Robert P. Rotella FoundationReason Foundation$10,0002012+
21Robert P. Rotella FoundationResources for the Future$10,0002012+
22Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$10,0002012+
23Robert P. Rotella FoundationWashington Policy Center$10,0002012+
24Robert P. Rotella FoundationWikimedia Foundation$10,0002012+
25Robert P. Rotella FoundationRivershore Inc.$7,7272012+
26Robert P. Rotella FoundationWashington Environmental Council$7,5002012+
27Robert P. Rotella FoundationWashington Trails Association$7,5002012+
28Robert P. Rotella FoundationWildlife Conservation Society$7,5002012+
29Robert P. Rotella FoundationActon Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty$5,0002012+
30Robert P. Rotella FoundationAmerican Indian College Fund$5,0002012+
31Robert P. Rotella FoundationCenter for American Paleolithic Research$5,0002012+
32Robert P. Rotella FoundationPollinator Partnership$5,0002012+
33Robert P. Rotella FoundationRound River Conservation Studies$5,0002012+
34Robert P. Rotella FoundationSmithsonian Institution$5,0002012+
35Robert P. Rotella FoundationState Policy Network$5,0002012+
36Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Independent Institute$5,0002012+
37Robert P. Rotella FoundationPearl S. Buck International$3,5002012+
38Robert P. Rotella FoundationNational Center for Policy Analysis$2,5002012+
39Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Monroe Institute$2,5002012+
40Robert P. Rotella FoundationAssociation for Research and Enlightenment$2,1002012+
41Robert P. Rotella FoundationAfrican Wildlife Foundation$1,0002012+
42Robert P. Rotella FoundationBat Conservation International$1,0002012+
43Robert P. Rotella FoundationCharity Navigator$1002012+
44Robert P. Rotella FoundationCharityWatch$1002012+
45Robert P. Rotella FoundationCato Institute$50,0002011+
46Robert P. Rotella FoundationThe Nature Conservancy$40,0002011+
47Robert P. Rotella FoundationDenver Museum of Nature and Science$30,0002011+
48Robert P. Rotella FoundationConservation International Foundation$25,0002011+
49Robert P. Rotella FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002011+
50Robert P. Rotella FoundationRainforest Alliance$25,0002011+
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