86 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Reynolds AmericanJobs First Coalition$60,0002013+
52Reynolds AmericanKeep Texas Working$50,0002013+
53Reynolds AmericanLog Cabin Republicans$11,0002013+
54Reynolds AmericanMichigan Qualify of Life Fund$2,0002013+
55Reynolds AmericanNew Mexico Competes$10,0002013+
56Reynolds AmericanRenew North Carolina Foundation$50,0002013+
57Reynolds AmericanRenew Ohio$15,0002013+
58Reynolds AmericanSave Our Stores$213,3452013+
59Reynolds AmericanRichardville Fund$7,5002012+
60Reynolds AmericanPartnership for Ohio’s Future$100,0002012+
61Reynolds AmericanNew Jersey Justice Reform Alliance$2,5002012+
62Reynolds AmericanNorth Carolina Chamber of Commerce$111,9202012+
63Reynolds AmericanNew England Convenience Store Association$15,0002012+
64Reynolds AmericanNational Association of Tobacco Outlets$8,7502012+
65Reynolds AmericanNational Taxpayers Union$12,5002012+
66Reynolds AmericanMississipi Wholesale Distributors Association$5002012+
67Reynolds AmericanMichigan Jobs & Labor Foundation$1,0002012+
68Reynolds AmericanLakeshore Future Fund$5002012+
69Reynolds AmericanHit The Mark For Michigan Fund$5002012+
70Reynolds AmericanForward Michigan Fund$2,5002012+
71Reynolds AmericanFlorida Association of Wholesale Distributors$17,5002012+
72Reynolds AmericanCommon Sense for Oregon$7,5002012+
73Reynolds AmericanCommittee for a Prosperoous Michigan$2,5002012+
74Reynolds AmericanCarolina Business Coalition$22,5002012+
75Reynolds AmericanBridge Foundation I$1,5002012+
76Reynolds AmericanAssociated Food Dealers of Michigan$7502012+
77Reynolds AmericanAssociation of Washington Business$5002012+
78Reynolds AmericanAmericans for Tax Reform$175,0002012+
79Reynolds AmericanAmaru Foundation$1,0002012+
80Reynolds AmericanAmericans for Prosperity$50,0002012+
81Reynolds AmericanSouth Carolina Association of Taxpayers$1,0002012+
82Reynolds AmericanSouth Dakota Retailers Association$2,1202012+
83Reynolds AmericanThird Way$7,5002012+
84Reynolds AmericanUS Chamber of Commerce$45,0002012+
85Reynolds AmericanWest Michigan Community Preservation$2,0002012+
86Reynolds AmericanWomen's Leadership Coalition$5,0002012+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.