312 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

151Paul E. SingerCommittee to Reelect Congressman Chris SmithChris Smith $2,3002007+
152Paul E. SingerMcConnell Senate Committee '14Mitch McConnell$-2,3002007+
153Paul E. SingerMcConnell Senate Committee '14Mitch McConnell$2,3002007+
154Paul E. SingerRepublican Governors Association$50,0002007+
155Paul E. SingerMcConnell Senate Committee '14Mitch McConnell$4,6002007+
156Paul E. SingerRepublican National Committee$3,5002007+
157Paul E. SingerRepublican Governors Association$50,0002007+
158Paul E. SingerCandice Miller for CongressCandice Miller$2,3002007+
159Paul E. SingerRudy Giuliani Presidential CommitteeRudy Giuliani$2002007+
160Paul E. SingerRudy Giuliani Presidential CommitteeRudy Giuliani$2,3002007+
161Paul E. SingerTeam SununuJohn Sununu$2,0002007+
162Paul E. SingerRudy Giuliani Presidential CommitteeRudy Giuliani$2,1002007+
163Paul E. SingerRepublican National Committee$25,0002007+
164Paul E. SingerOhio Republican Party State Central & Executive Committee$5,0002006+
165Paul E. SingerNew Hampshire Republican State Committee$5,0002006+
166Paul E. SingerRepublican Governors Association$25,0002006+
167Paul E. SingerRepublican Party of Florida$10,0002006+
168Paul E. SingerRepublican Governors Association$25,0002006+
169Paul E. SingerFriends of Joe LiebermanJoe Lieberman $10,5002006+
170Paul E. SingerVets for Freedom Action Fund$25,0002006+
171Paul E. SingerTalent for Senate CommitteeJim Talent$1,0002006+
172Paul E. SingerBob Corker for SenateBob Corker$1,3002006+
173Paul E. SingerCantor for CongressEric Cantor$1,0002006+
174Paul E. SingerRestore America PAC$5002006+
175Paul E. SingerTom Kean for US SenateTom Kean$1,1002006+
176Paul E. SingerTom Kean for US SenateTom Kean$9002006+
177Paul E. SingerSteele for MarylandMichael Steele$2,0002006+
178Paul E. SingerMark Kennedy '06Mark Kennedy$2,0002006+
179Paul E. SingerFriends for Mike McGavickMike McGavick$2,0002006+
180Paul E. SingerSantorum 2006Rick Santorum$1,9002006+
181Paul E. SingerTom Kean for US SenateTom Kean$1,0002006+
182Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002006+
183Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002006+
184Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002006+
185Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002006+
186Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002006+
187Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,5002006+
188Paul E. SingerNRSC $25,0002006+
189Paul E. SingerJon Kyl for U S SenateJon Kyl$7002006+
190Paul E. SingerSnowe for SenateOlympia Snowe$1,0002005+
191Paul E. SingerColeman for Senate 08Norm Coleman$2,0002005+
192Paul E. SingerJon Kyl for U S SenateJon Kyl$9002005+
193Paul E. SingerTalent for Senate CommitteeJim Talent$5002005+
194Paul E. SingerTalent for Senate CommitteeJim Talent$2,0002005+
195Paul E. SingerSantorum 2006Rick Santorum$2,0002005+
196Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$5,0002005+
197Paul E. SingerFriends of Conrad Burns 2006Conrad Burns$2,0002005+
198Paul E. SingerJon Kyl for U S SenateJon Kyl$2,0002005+
199Paul E. SingerNRSC $25,0002005+
200Paul E. SingerVolunteer PAC$2,0002005+
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