118 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Paul E. Singer FoundationSchwab Charitable Fund$3,700,5002012+
52Paul E. Singer FoundationSomaly Mam Foundation$100,0002012+
53Paul E. Singer FoundationSound Body Sound Mind Foundation$100,0002012+
54Paul E. Singer FoundationSt. Baldrick's Foundation$2,5002012+
55Paul E. Singer FoundationSt. Jude Children's Research Hospital$10,0002012+
56Paul E. Singer FoundationSuccess Academy Charter Schools$150,0002012+
57Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Alexander Hamilton Society$100,0002012+
58Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Claremont Institute$50,0002012+
59Paul E. Singer FoundationThe David Project$175,0002012+
60Paul E. Singer FoundationUnited Way of Greenwich$75,0002012+
61Paul E. Singer FoundationUniversity of Rochester$40,0002012+
62Paul E. Singer FoundationVital Voices$250,0002012+
63Paul E. Singer FoundationWhitney Museum of American Art$15,0002012+
64Paul E. Singer FoundationWound Warrior Project$25,0002012+
65Paul E. Singer FoundationYoung People's Chorus of New York City$10,0002012+
66Paul E. Singer FoundationWilliams College$840,0002011+
67Paul E. Singer FoundationVital Voices$502,2982011+
68Paul E. Singer FoundationUnited Way of Greenwich$25,0002011+
69Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Witherspoon Institute$25,0002011+
70Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Jewish Agency for Israel$400,0002011+
71Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Israel Project$500,0002011+
72Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Israel Independence Fund$50,0002011+
73Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Honorable Tina Brozman Foundation$25,0002011+
74Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Harbour League$10,0002011+
75Paul E. Singer FoundationThe David Project$325,0002011+
76Paul E. Singer FoundationThe Claremont Institute$50,0002011+
77Paul E. Singer FoundationSuccess Academy Charter Schools$150,0002011+
78Paul E. Singer FoundationSound Body Sound Mind Foundation$100,0002011+
79Paul E. Singer FoundationSimon Wiesenthal Center$150,0002011+
80Paul E. Singer FoundationRobin Hood Foundation$35,0002011+
81Paul E. Singer FoundationPrep for Prep$50,0002011+
82Paul E. Singer FoundationPrader-Willi Syndrome Association$5,0002011+
83Paul E. Singer FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$25,0002011+
84Paul E. Singer FoundationPartnership for New York City$100,0002011+
85Paul E. Singer FoundationPartners HealthCare at Home$15,0002011+
86Paul E. Singer FoundationNew York Historical Society$100,0002011+
87Paul E. Singer FoundationMoving Picture Institute$180,0002011+
88Paul E. Singer FoundationMilitary Families United$500,0002011+
89Paul E. Singer FoundationMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center$500,0002011+
90Paul E. Singer FoundationManhattan Institute for Policy Research$325,0002011+
91Paul E. Singer FoundationMake-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York$10,0002011+
92Paul E. Singer FoundationLeukemia and Lymphoma Society - New York City Chapter$375,0002011+
93Paul E. Singer FoundationJuilliard School$5,0002011+
94Paul E. Singer FoundationJewish Funders Network$6,8002011+
95Paul E. Singer FoundationIntelligence Squared US$25,0002011+
96Paul E. Singer FoundationInstitute for the Study of War$350,0002011+
97Paul E. Singer FoundationInstitute for Economic Empowerment of Women$250,0002011+
98Paul E. Singer FoundationHillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life$100,0002011+
99Paul E. Singer FoundationGurwin Jewish Healthcare Foundation$50,0002011+
100Paul E. Singer FoundationGrace After Fire$250,0002011+
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