413 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

401Marriott FamilyReagan for President$1,0001980+
402Marriott FamilyMullin for Senate Committee$1,0001980+
403Marriott FamilyMullin for Senate Committee$1,0001980+
404Marriott FamilyMarriott PAC$3,0001980+
405Marriott FamilyRepublican National Committee/Republican National Finance Committee$10,0001980+
406Marriott FamilyPaula Hawkins Campaign$5001980+
407Marriott FamilyClaudine Schneider for Congress$1,0001980+
408Marriott FamilyMarriott PAC$3,0001979+
409Marriott FamilyConnally for President Committee$2001979+
410Marriott FamilyCountdown to Victory$3001979+
411Marriott FamilyCountdown to Victory$2,0001979+
412Marriott FamilyReturn Newton Steers to Congress$2001979+
413Marriott FamilyConnally for President Committee$3001979+
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