50 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat ToomeyPat Toomey$2,6002013+
2Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat ToomeyPat Toomey$4002013+
3Marlene ChildsFriends of Pat ToomeyPat Toomey$2,2002013+
4Marlene ChildsNRCC$30,0002013+
5Marlene ChildsFriends of Doc HastingsDoc Hastings$1,0002012+
6Marlene ChildsMontanans for RehbergDanny Rehberg$2,5002012+
7Marlene ChildsSimpson for CongressMike Simpson$1,0002012+
8Marlene ChildsNRCC$25,0002011+
9Marlene ChildsRickPerry.orgRick Perry$2,5002011+
10Marlene ChildsNRCC$25,0002010+
11Marlene ChildsNRCC$25,0002010+
12Marlene ChildsClub for Growth$2,4002009+
13Marlene ChildsClub for Growth$2,4002009+
14Marlene ChildsDeMint for Senate CommitteeJim DeMint$2,2002009+
15Marlene ChildsDeMint for Senate CommitteeJim DeMint$2,4002009+
16Marlene ChildsToomey for Senate CommitteePat Toomey$4,8002009+
17Marlene ChildsToomey for Senate CommitteePat Toomey$-2,4002009+
18Marlene ChildsToomey for Senate CommitteePat Toomey$2,4002009+
19Marlene ChildsCharlie Ross for CongressCharlie Ross$2,3002008+
20Marlene ChildsNRSC $10,0002008+
21Marlene ChildsRomney for PresidentMitt Romney$2,3002007+
22Marlene ChildsArizona Republican Party$1,4872004+
23Marlene ChildsArkansas Leadership Committee 2004$8922004+
24Marlene ChildsFriends of Gordon SmithGordon Smith$2,0002004+
25Marlene ChildsJack Ryan for US SenateJack Ryan$-2,0002004+
26Marlene ChildsJack Ryan for US SenateJack Ryan$2,0002004+
27Marlene ChildsMaine Republican Party $5952004+
28Marlene ChildsMartinez for SenateMel Martinez$2,0002004+
29Marlene ChildsMichigan Republican State Committee $2,5302004+
30Marlene ChildsMissouri Republican State Committee$1,6372004+
31Marlene ChildsNevada Republican State Central Committee$7452004+
32Marlene ChildsNew Hampshire Republican State Committee$5952004+
33Marlene ChildsOhio State Central & Executive Committee $2,9752004+
34Marlene ChildsOregon Republican Party$1,0422004+
35Marlene ChildsRepublican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania$3,1252004+
36Marlene ChildsRepublican National Committee$25,0002004+
37Marlene ChildsRepublican Party of Florida$4,0172004+
38Marlene ChildsRepublican Party of Iowa$1,0422004+
39Marlene ChildsRepublican Party of Minnesota$1,2652004+
40Marlene ChildsWashington State Republican Party $8172004+
41Marlene ChildsWest Virginia Republican State Executive Committee$7452004+
42Marlene ChildsBush-Cheney '04George W. Bush$2,0002003+
43Marlene ChildsVolunteer PAC$5002003+
44Marlene ChildsMcConnell Senate Committee '02Mitch McConnell$1,0002001+
45Marlene ChildsAshcroft 2000John Ashcroft$1,0002000+
46Marlene ChildsAshcroft 2001John Ashcroft$1,0002000+
47Marlene ChildsBill McCollum for US SenateBill McCollum$1,0002000+
48Marlene ChildsBill McCollum for US SenateBill McCollum$1,0002000+
49Marlene ChildsLazio 2000Rick Lazio$1,0002000+
50Marlene ChildsBush for PresidentGeorge W. Bush$1,0001999+
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