128 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Lynn FriessLummis for CongressCynthia Lummis$1,0002012+
2Lynn FriessFriends of Mia Love Mia Love$1,0002012+
3Lynn FriessDemocracy Engine PAC $1,0002012+
4Lynn FriessJoe Walsh for Congress CommitteeJoe Walsh$1,0002012+
5Lynn FriessAllen West for CongressAllen West$1,0002012+
6Lynn FriessJeff Flake for US SenateJeff Flake$1,5002012+
7Lynn FriessBerg for SenateRick Berg$2,5002012+
8Lynn FriessTom Smith for SenateTom Smith$2,5002012+
9Lynn FriessBachmann for CongressMichele Bachmann$1,0002012+
10Lynn FriessJan PAC $8722012+
11Lynn FriessDuffy for CongressSean Duffy$2,0002012+
12Lynn FriessPaton for CongressJonathan Paton$1,0002012+
13Lynn FriessJeff Flake for US SenateJeff Flake$1,0002012+
14Lynn FriessHoosiers for Richard MourdockRichard Mourdock$2,5002012+
15Lynn FriessDan Liljenquist for US Senate Dan Liljenquist$2,5002012+
16Lynn FriessWade for US SenateKevin Wade$2,5002012+
17Lynn FriessWade for US SenateKevin Wade$2,5002012+
18Lynn FriessNRSC $16,9332011+
19Lynn FriessRepublican National Committee$16,9342011+
20Lynn FriessNewt 2012Newt Gingrich$2,5002011+
21Lynn FriessAmerica's Foundation$5,0002011+
22Lynn FriessPawlenty for PresidentTim Pawlenty$2,5002011+
23Lynn FriessRick Santorum for PresidentRick Santorum$2,5002011+
24Lynn FriessAmerica's Foundation$5002010+
25Lynn FriessFriends of Christine O'DonnellChristine O'Donnell $2,4002010+
26Lynn FriessGlen Urquhart for CongressGlen Urquhart$2,4002010+
27Lynn FriessDavid Schweikert for CongressDavid Schweikert$1,1002010+
28Lynn FriessCarly for CaliforniaCarly Fiorina$2,4002010+
29Lynn FriessDuffy for CongressSean Duffy$1,5002010+
30Lynn FriessMichele Rollins Congress 2010Michele Bachmann$-2,4002010+
31Lynn FriessRon Johnson for SenateRon Johnson$2,4002010+
32Lynn FriessNRSC $30,4002010+
33Lynn FriessJim Ward for CongressJim Ward$-2,4002010+
34Lynn FriessMcCaul for CongressMichael McCaul$1,0002010+
35Lynn FriessMichele Rollins Congress 2010Michele Rollins$2,4002010+
36Lynn FriessMichele Rollins Congress 2010Michele Rollins$2,4002010+
37Lynn FriessMike Pence CommitteeMike Pence$2,4002010+
38Lynn FriessMike Pence CommitteeMike Pence$2,4002010+
39Lynn FriessDan Coats for IndianaDan Coats$2,4002010+
40Lynn FriessDan Coats for IndianaDan Coats$2,4002010+
41Lynn FriessQuayle for CongressBen Quayle$2,4002010+
42Lynn FriessQuayle for CongressBen Quayle$2,4002010+
43Lynn FriessJim Ward for CongressJim Ward$4002010+
44Lynn FriessJim Ward for CongressJim Ward$2,4002010+
45Lynn FriessSafari Club International PAC$3,0002010+
46Lynn FriessScott Brown for US Senate CommitteeScott Brown$2,4002010+
47Lynn FriessToomey for Senate CommitteePat Toomey$1,0002009+
48Lynn FriessJim Ward for CongressJim Ward$2,0002009+
49Lynn FriessFriends of John ThuneJohn Thune$1,0002009+
50Lynn FriessChambliss for SenateSaxby Chambliss$2,3002008+
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