The Lillian S. Wells Foundation is a Ft. Lauderdale, Florida-based charitable foundation with assets worth more than $42 million at the end of 2012. That year, the most recent for which financial information is available, it dispersed more than $3.5 million in grants. In addition to funding medical and educational projects, the foundation directs a significant portion of its grants to conservative organizations and causes.

Since 2001, the foundation has given over $4.75 million to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, which boasts that it taught over 10,000 students across the country “the timeless principles that make America free and prosperous—the core ideas behind the free market, the American Founding, and Western civilization that are rarely taught in the classroom.” The foundation has contributed another $5.7 million to the Heritage Foundation since 2001. In the same time period, $390,000 has gone to the Capital Research Center, which supports “the principles of individual liberty, a free market economy and limited constitutional government,” and $350,000 to the James Madison Institute, whose mission is to promote “such timeless ideals as limited government, economic freedom, federalism, and individual liberty coupled with individual responsibility.” Other notable recipients include the Bill of Rights Institute and the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

The foundation was started in 1975 by Florida businessman Preston “Dick” Wells, a longtime trustee at the Heritage Foundation, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and the James Madison Institute. Upon his death in 2003, his wife, Marion Wells, took over his spot on the Heritage board. Marion also sits on the boards of the Capital Research Center and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. The foundation received $27,451,181 between 2004 and 2007 from the Preston A. Wells, Jr. Trust.

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Total Expenses
12012$42,507,627$2,061,932$0$2,451,316$2,763,894View 990
22011$40,746,146$2,898,770$0$2,979,534$3,341,472View 990
32010$44,953,638$2,507,533$0$3,500,536$3,867,889View 990
42009$42,925,492$-2,023,468$0$3,314,677$3,715,948View 990
52008$38,767,999$3,005,364$0$5,024,527$5,389,763View 990
62007$58,215,520$10,798,396$8,899,615$5,405,400$5,863,695View 990
72006$48,372,387$9,793,002$500,000$3,610,000$3,789,653View 990
82005$46,328,300$20,693,503$17,931,566$1,906,000$1,941,461View 990
92004$16,818,596$393,550$120,000$1,551,000$1,566,828View 990
102003$16,353,754$403,114$0$1,036,000$1,040,402View 990
112002$14,559,982$520,607$0$800,000$806,933View 990
122001$15,695,658$674,428$0$820,000$828,698View 990

154 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Lillian S. Wells FoundationBroward Health Foundation$525,1952012+
2Lillian S. Wells FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$25,0002012+
3Lillian S. Wells FoundationInstitute for Justice$35,0002012+
4Lillian S. Wells FoundationJames Madison Institute$75,0002012+
5Lillian S. Wells FoundationLurie Children's Hospital$142,8572012+
6Lillian S. Wells FoundationMiss Porter's School$50,0002012+
7Lillian S. Wells FoundationSusan B. Anthony Recovery Center$100,0002012+
8Lillian S. Wells FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$498,2642012+
9Lillian S. Wells FoundationUniversity of Florida$1,000,0002012+
10Lillian S. Wells FoundationAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni$25,0002011+
11Lillian S. Wells FoundationBroward Health Foundation$1,250,0002011+
12Lillian S. Wells FoundationChildren's Memorial Foundation$400,0002011+
13Lillian S. Wells FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$25,0002011+
14Lillian S. Wells FoundationHANDY Inc.$50,0002011+
15Lillian S. Wells FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002011+
16Lillian S. Wells FoundationJames Madison Institute$70,0002011+
17Lillian S. Wells FoundationMiss Porter's School$50,0002011+
18Lillian S. Wells FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$50,0002011+
19Lillian S. Wells FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$500,0002011+
20Lillian S. Wells FoundationThe Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale$50,0002011+
21Lillian S. Wells FoundationUniversity of Florida$484,5342011+
22Lillian S. Wells FoundationBill of Rights Institute$1,0002010+
23Lillian S. Wells FoundationChildren's Memorial Foundation$30,0002010+
24Lillian S. Wells FoundationChildren's Memorial Hospital$400,2912010+
25Lillian S. Wells FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$25,0002010+
26Lillian S. Wells FoundationHANDY Inc.$25,0002010+
27Lillian S. Wells FoundationHealthy Mothers Healthy Babies$16,2242010+
28Lillian S. Wells FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002010+
29Lillian S. Wells FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$300,0002010+
30Lillian S. Wells FoundationJames Madison Institute$55,0002010+
31Lillian S. Wells FoundationKids In Distress$20,0002010+
32Lillian S. Wells FoundationMarine Corps Heritage Foundation$50,0002010+
33Lillian S. Wells FoundationNorth Broward Hospital District$1,253,0212010+
34Lillian S. Wells FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$50,0002010+
35Lillian S. Wells FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$500,0002010+
36Lillian S. Wells FoundationUniversity of Florida$750,0002010+
37Lillian S. Wells FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$40,0002009+
38Lillian S. Wells FoundationChildren's Memorial Foundation$400,0002009+
39Lillian S. Wells FoundationBroward Health Foundation$796,2392009+
40Lillian S. Wells FoundationBoward Center for Mental Health$38,0002009+
41Lillian S. Wells FoundationBill of Rights Institute$61,0002009+
42Lillian S. Wells FoundationDonorsTrust$25,0002009+
43Lillian S. Wells FoundationHospice by the Sea$10,0002009+
44Lillian S. Wells FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002009+
45Lillian S. Wells FoundationJames Madison Institute$55,0002009+
46Lillian S. Wells FoundationMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center$250,0002009+
47Lillian S. Wells FoundationMiss Porter's School$50,0002009+
48Lillian S. Wells FoundationRush University Medical Center$24,2002009+
49Lillian S. Wells FoundationSusan B. Anthony Center$1,0002009+
50Lillian S. Wells FoundationCenter for Individual Rights$20,0002009+
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