124 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
2Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
3Las Vegas SandsRepublican State Leadership Committee$50,0002011+
4Las Vegas SandsJohn Hambrick$1,0002010+
5Las Vegas SandsTy Cobb$1,0002010+
6Las Vegas SandsRepublican Assembly Caucus of Nevada$1,2962010+
7Las Vegas SandsBrian K. Krolicki$5,0002010+
8Las Vegas SandsJim Gibbons$5,0002010+
9Las Vegas SandsJim Gibbons$5,0002010+
10Las Vegas SandsJim Gibbons$5,0002010+
11Las Vegas SandsCalanit Atia$1,0002010+
12Las Vegas SandsMichael Roberson$2,5002010+
13Las Vegas SandsTy Cobb$3,5002010+
14Las Vegas SandsJames Arnold Settelmeyer$1,5002010+
15Las Vegas SandsJodi Stephens$2,5002010+
16Las Vegas SandsJohn Hambrick$5002010+
17Las Vegas SandsTibi Ellis$1,5002010+
18Las Vegas SandsJoshua Gust$2,5002010+
19Las Vegas SandsMelissa Woodbury$5,0002010+
20Las Vegas SandsSteven E. Martin$5,0002010+
21Las Vegas SandsMichael Roberson$5,0002010+
22Las Vegas SandsCresent Hardy$1,0002010+
23Las Vegas SandsBrian K. Krolicki$5,0002010+
24Las Vegas SandsBrian Sandoval$5,0002010+
25Las Vegas SandsBrian Sandoval$5,0002010+
26Las Vegas SandsJoe Hardy$2,5002010+
27Las Vegas SandsBen Kieckhefer$2,5002010+
28Las Vegas SandsCresent Hardy$1,5002010+
29Las Vegas SandsJames Arnold Settelmeyer$1,5002010+
30Las Vegas SandsJoe Hardy$2,5002010+
31Las Vegas SandsBrian Sandoval$5,0002010+
32Las Vegas SandsBrian Sandoval$5,0002010+
33Las Vegas SandsBrian K. Krolicki$5,0002010+
34Las Vegas SandsTyler Andrews$2,5002010+
35Las Vegas SandsSteven E. Martin$5,0002010+
36Las Vegas SandsMichael Roberson$5,0002010+
37Las Vegas SandsMichael Roberson$5,0002010+
38Las Vegas SandsMichael Roberson$5,0002010+
39Las Vegas SandsGabe Jurado$1,5002010+
40Las Vegas SandsMark Sherwood$5,0002010+
41Las Vegas SandsPete Goicoechea$1,5002010+
42Las Vegas SandsRandi Thompson$2,5002010+
43Las Vegas SandsScott Hammond$5,0002010+
44Las Vegas SandsDan Hill$5,0002010+
45Las Vegas SandsBarbara K. Cegavske$10,0002010+
46Las Vegas SandsBarbara K. Cegavske$7,5002010+
47Las Vegas SandsEd Goedhart$1,5002010+
48Las Vegas SandsTim Williams$1,5002010+
49Las Vegas SandsJohn Hambrick$1,5002010+
50Las Vegas SandsLynn Stewart$2,5002010+
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