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151Koch Industries PACCramer for Congress$5002016+
152Koch Industries PACCresent Hardy for Congress$5002016+
153Koch Industries PACDan Newhouse for Congress$1,0002016+
154Koch Industries PACDavid Rouzer for Congress$1,0002016+
155Koch Industries PACDiane Black for Congress$4,0002016+
156Koch Industries PACElect Blake Farenthold Committee$5,0002016+
157Koch Industries PACEmmer for Congress$1,0002016+
158Koch Industries PACFriends of Bill Posey$2,5002016+
159Koch Industries PACFriends of Dave Brat$2,5002016+
160Koch Industries PACFriends of Erik Paulsen$2,0002016+
161Koch Industries PACFriends of Jason Chaffetz$2,5002016+
162Koch Industries PACFriends of Mia Love $1,0002016+
163Koch Industries PACGeorge Holding for Congress$4,0002016+
164Koch Industries PACGuthrie for Congress$1,0002016+
165Koch Industries PACGuthrie for Congress$2,0002016+
166Koch Industries PACHudson for Congress$5,0002016+
167Koch Industries PACHuizenga for Congress$2,0002016+
168Koch Industries PACIssa for Congress$1,5002016+
169Koch Industries PACJeff Duncan for Congress$5,0002016+
170Koch Industries PACJim Jordan for Congress$1,0002016+
171Koch Industries PACJoe Wilson for Congress Committee$1,0002016+
172Koch Industries PACKevin McCarthy for Congress$5,0002016+
173Koch Industries PACKevin McCarthy for Congress$5,0002016+
174Koch Industries PACKing for Congress$1,5002016+
175Koch Industries PACKristi for Congress$1,0002016+
176Koch Industries PACLamborn for Congress$1,0002016+
177Koch Industries PACLead Your Nation Now PAC$5,0002016+
178Koch Industries PACMajority Committee PAC$5,0002016+
179Koch Industries PACMcCaul for Congress$1,0002016+
180Koch Industries PACMcClintock for Congress$1,5002016+
181Koch Industries PACMcHenry for Congress$5,0002016+
182Koch Industries PACMcHenry for Congress$5002016+
183Koch Industries PACMeadows for Congress$1,0002016+
184Koch Industries PACMullin for Congress$1,5002016+
185Koch Industries PACMulvaney for Congress$1,0002016+
186Koch Industries PACPeople for Enterprise Trade and Economic Growth PAC$5,0002016+
187Koch Industries PACPreserving America's Traditions PAC$2,5002016+
188Koch Industries PACPromoting Our Republican Team PAC$5,0002016+
189Koch Industries PACRobert Aderholt for Congress$1,0002016+
190Koch Industries PACSteve Russell for Congress$1,0002016+
191Koch Industries PACTaylor Griffin for Congress$5,0002016+
192Koch Industries PACTrey Gowdy for Congress$3,0002016+
193Koch Industries PACWalters for Congress$1,0002016+
194Koch Industries PACWesterman for Congress$1,0002016+
195Koch Industries PACYoder for Congress$1,0002016+
196Koch Industries PACTexans for Joe Straus$10,0002016+
197Koch Industries PACBuck for Colorado$5,0002016+
198Koch Industries PACBuchson for Congress$2,5002016+
199Koch Industries PACBuddy Carter for Congress$1,0002016+
200Koch Industries PACCathy McMorris Rodgers for Congress$5002016+
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