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1801Koch Industries PACCitizens for Prosperity in America Today$0+
1802Koch Industries PACDefending America's Values Everywhere$0+
1803Koch Industries PACDefending and Investing In America's New Endeavors$0+
1804Koch Industries PACElect Blake Farenthold Committee$0+
1805Koch Industries PACEmmer for Congress$0+
1806Koch Industries PACFamilies for James Lankford$0+
1807Koch Industries PACFamilies for James Lankford$0+
1808Koch Industries PACFirst in Freedom PAC$0+
1809Koch Industries PACFree State PAC$0+
1810Koch Industries PACFreedom Fund$0+
1811Koch Industries PACFreedom Matters PAC$0+
1812Koch Industries PACFriends of Dave Brat$0+
1813Koch Industries PACFriends of Frank Guinta$0+
1814Koch Industries PACFriends of Jeb Hensarling$0+
1815Koch Industries PACFriends of Jim Bridenstine$0+
1816Koch Industries PACFriends of Susan Brooks$0+
1817Koch Industries PACGeorgia PAC$0+
1818Koch Industries PACGlenn Grothman for Congress$0+
1819Koch Industries PACHelp Unite Republicans Today PAC$0+
1820Koch Industries PACHoosiers for Rokita$0+
1821Koch Industries PACHouse Freedom Fund$0+
1822Koch Industries PACHuizenga for Congress$0+
1823Koch Industries PACICE PAC$0+
1824Koch Industries PACJenkins for Congress$0+
1825Koch Industries PACJim Jordan for Congress$0+
1826Koch Industries PACJim Renacci for Congress$0+
1827Koch Industries PACJoe Wilson for Congress$0+
1828Koch Industries PACJohnson for Congress$0+
1829Koch Industries PACJohnson for Congress$0+
1830Koch Industries PACKansans for Huelskamp$0+
1831Koch Industries PACKenny Marchant for Congress$0+
1832Koch Industries PACLamborn for Congress$0+
1833Koch Industries PACLank PAC$0+
1834Koch Industries PACMarketplace Ideas and Conservative Knowledge$0+
1835Koch Industries PACMcClintock for Congress$0+
1836Koch Industries PACMulvaney for Congress$0+
1837Koch Industries PACNew PAC$0+
1838Koch Industries PACOne Georgia PAC$0+
1839Koch Industries PACPeople for Pearce$0+
1840Koch Industries PACRely On Your Beliefs Fund$0+
1841Koch Industries PACCavPAC$0+
1842Koch Industries PACBrady for Congress$0+
1843Koch Industries PACBill PAC$0+
1844Koch Industries PACAx PAC$0+
1845Koch Industries PACAugust Wolf for Senate$0+
1846Koch Industries PACRobert Aderholt for Congress$0+
1847Koch Industries PACRoger Williams for US Congress$0+
1848Koch Industries PACRoger Williams for US Congress$0+
1849Koch Industries PACSave America PAC$0+
1850Koch Industries PACSensenbrenner Committee$0+
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