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1751Koch Industries PACDoug LaMalfa Committee$5,0002012+
1752Koch Industries PACDoherty for Congress$5,0002012+
1753Koch Industries PACDoheny for Congress$2,5002012+
1754Koch Industries PACDoheny for Congress$2,5002012+
1755Koch Industries PACDevin Nunes Campaign Committee$2,5002012+
1756Koch Industries PACDavid Schweikert for Congress$5,0002012+
1757Koch Industries PACDavid Rouzer for Congress$5,0002012+
1758Koch Industries PACDavid McIntosh for Indiana$5,0002012+
1759Koch Industries PACDave Camp for Congress$1,5002012+
1760Koch Industries PACDave Camp for Congress$2,5002012+
1761Koch Industries PACDave Camp for Congress$1,0002012+
1762Koch Industries PACDaniel Webster for Congress$2,0002012+
1763Koch Industries PACCulberson for Congress$5002012+
1764Koch Industries PACCravaack for Congress Campaign Committee$2,5002012+
1765Koch Industries PACCramer for Congress$5,0002012+
1766Koch Industries PACCotton for Congress$5,0002012+
1767Koch Industries PACCongressman Joe Barton Committee$5,0002012+
1768Koch Industries PACCongressman Joe Barton Committee$2,5002012+
1769Koch Industries PACConaway for Congress$1,0002012+
1770Koch Industries PACConaway for Congress$3,0002012+
1771Koch Industries PACCollins for Congress$5,0002012+
1772Koch Industries PACCoffman for Congress$5,0002012+
1773Koch Industries PACCoffman for Congress$2,5002012+
1774Koch Industries PACCoffman for Congress$1,5002012+
1775Koch Industries PACCoffman for Congress$1,0002012+
1776Koch Industries PACCitizens for Josh Mandel$4,0002012+
1777Koch Industries PACCitizens for Josh Mandel$1,0002012+
1778Koch Industries PACChuck Fleischmann for Congressional Committee$2,5002012+
1779Koch Industries PACChris Collins for Congress$5,0002012+
1780Koch Industries PACCathy McMorris Rodgers for Congress$2,5002012+
1781Koch Industries PACCantor for Congress$4,0002012+
1782Koch Industries PACCanseco for Congress$5,0002012+
1783Koch Industries PACBill Johnson for Congress Committee$4,0002012+
1784Koch Industries PACBill Johnson for Congress Committee$1,0002012+
1785Koch Industries PACBill Johnson for Congress Committee$5002012+
1786Koch Industries PACBill Johnson for Congress Committee$2,5002012+
1787Koch Industries PACArcher for Congress$5,0002012+
1788Koch Industries PACBachmann for Congress$5,0002012+
1789Koch Industries PACBerg for Congress$2,5002012+
1790Koch Industries PACBill Cassidy for Congress$4,0002012+
1791Koch Industries PACBill Cassidy for Congress$5,0002012+
1792Koch Industries PACAnn Wagner for Congress$2,5002012+
1793Koch Industries PACAnn Wagner for Congress$2,5002012+
1794Koch Industries PACAnn Marie Buerkle for Congress$5,0002012+
1795Koch Industries PACAndy Harris for Congress$4,0002012+
1796Koch Industries PACAndy Harris for Congress$1,0002012+
1797Koch Industries PACAndy Harris for Congress$5,0002012+
1798Koch Industries PACAndy Barr for Congress$5,0002012+
1799Koch Industries PACAmodei for Nevada$2,5002012+
1800Koch Industries PACCharlie Dent for Congress$0+
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