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101Koch Industries PACVoteTipton.com$5002016+
102Koch Industries PACMorrissey for Attorney General$1,0002016+
103Koch Industries PACAndy Barr for Congress$5002016+
104Koch Industries PACAndy Barr for Congress$2,0002016+
105Koch Industries PACAndy Harris for Congress$1,5002016+
106Koch Industries PACAustin Scott for Congress$2,5002016+
107Koch Industries PACBill PAC$2,5002016+
108Koch Industries PACBrady for Congress$1,0002016+
109Koch Industries PACCollins for Congress$1,5002016+
110Koch Industries PACDenham for Congress$1,0002016+
111Koch Industries PACFamilies for James Lankford$1,5002016+
112Koch Industries PACFree State PAC$1,5002016+
113Koch Industries PACFriends of Glenn Thompson$1,0002016+
114Koch Industries PACFriends of Mia Love $1,0002016+
115Koch Industries PACFriends of Pat Toomey$2,0002016+
116Koch Industries PACGarret Graves for Congress$5002016+
117Koch Industries PACGarret Graves for Congress$2,0002016+
118Koch Industries PACGarret Graves for Congress$2,5002016+
119Koch Industries PACGary Palmer for Congress$1,0002016+
120Koch Industries PACGeorgians for Isakson$3,0002016+
121Koch Industries PACGuthrie for Congress$5002016+
122Koch Industries PACHudson for Congress$1,0002016+
123Koch Industries PACKing for Congress$1,0002016+
124Koch Industries PACKinzinger for Congress$1,0002016+
125Koch Industries PACMike Kelly for Congress$1,0002016+
126Koch Industries PACOlson for Congress Committee$2,5002016+
127Koch Industries PACOlson for Congress Committee$1,0002016+
128Koch Industries PACRaul Labrador for Idaho$5,0002016+
129Koch Industries PACRepublican Party of Wisconsin$5,0002016+
130Koch Industries PACRob Woodall for Congress$4,0002016+
131Koch Industries PACRoyce Campaign Committee$1,0002016+
132Koch Industries PACShelby for U.S. Senate $5,0002016+
133Koch Industries PACTallatchee Creek PAC$1,0002016+
134Koch Industries PACThe Eye of the Tiger PAC$4,0002016+
135Koch Industries PACThe Richard Burr Committee$3,0002016+
136Koch Industries PACTim Scott for Senate $2,5002016+
137Koch Industries PACWalker for NC$2,5002016+
138Koch Industries PACDoug Miller Campaign$2,0002016+
139Koch Industries PACFriends of Dave Radar 2016$1,0002016+
140Koch Industries PACPennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee$10,0002016+
141Koch Industries PACManufacturers PAC of Texas$1,0002016+
142Koch Industries PACPennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry$5,0002016+
143Koch Industries PACRepublican State House Committee$5,0002016+
144Koch Industries PACTexas Civil Justice League PAC$1,0002016+
145Koch Industries PACTexas Oil & Gas PAC$5,0002016+
146Koch Industries PACTexas Pipeline Association PAC$2,0002016+
147Koch Industries PACWayne Smith Campaign$2,0002016+
148Koch Industries PACBig Sky Opportunity PAC$1,0002016+
149Koch Industries PACCathy McMorris Rodgers for Congress$1,0002016+
150Koch Industries PACCharlie Dent for Congress$5,0002016+
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