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51Koch Industries PACProsperity Action$5,0002016+
52Koch Industries PACRepublican Operation to Secure and Keep A Majority$5,0002016+
53Koch Industries PACRobert Aderholt for Congress$1,0002016+
54Koch Industries PACRyan for CongressPaul Ryan$1,0002016+
55Koch Industries PACRyan for CongressPaul Ryan$5,0002016+
56Koch Industries PACScott Garrett for Congress$1,0002016+
57Koch Industries PACShelby for US Senate$2,5002016+
58Koch Industries PACTed Yoho for Congress$1,0002016+
59Koch Industries PACTexans for Lamar Smith$1,5002016+
60Koch Industries PACThe Richard Burr Committee$1,0002016+
61Koch Industries PACValley Political Action Committee$1,5002016+
62Koch Industries PACWesterman for Congress$1,5002016+
63Koch Industries PACAndy Barr for Congress$2,5002016+
64Koch Industries PACAx PAC$2,5002016+
65Koch Industries PACBig Sky Opportunity PAC$3,0002016+
66Koch Industries PACBill Flores for Congress$2,0002016+
67Koch Industries PACBill Shuster for Congress$2,5002016+
68Koch Industries PACCollins for Congress$1,5002016+
69Koch Industries PACConservative Opportunities for a New America$1,0002016+
70Koch Industries PACCramer for Congress$1,0002016+
71Koch Industries PACFriends of Joe Heck$2,5002016+
72Koch Industries PACFriends of Mia Love $1,5002016+
73Koch Industries PACFriends of Stewart Mills$5,0002016+
74Koch Industries PACFriends of Susan Brooks$2,0002016+
75Koch Industries PACGeorge Holding for Congress$1,0002016+
76Koch Industries PACGlenn Grothman for Congress$2,5002016+
77Koch Industries PACGlen Grothman for Congress$5,0002016+
78Koch Industries PACGuthrie for Congress$1,0002016+
79Koch Industries PACHoeven for Senate$2,5002016+
80Koch Industries PACHoosiers for Rokita$2,5002016+
81Koch Industries PACHudson for Congress$2,5002016+
82Koch Industries PACHuizenga for Congress$1,0002016+
83Koch Industries PACHuizenga for Congress$2,5002016+
84Koch Industries PACJim Renacci for Congress$2,5002016+
85Koch Industries PACloudermilk for Congress$1,0002016+
86Koch Industries PACLuke Messer for Congress$2,5002016+
87Koch Industries PACMcHenry for Congress$2,5002016+
88Koch Industries PACMike Kelly for Congress$1,5002016+
89Koch Industries PACMorgan Friffith for Congress$5,0002016+
90Koch Industries PACMullin for Congress$2,5002016+
91Koch Industries PACOne Georgia PAC$5,0002016+
92Koch Industries PACPatriots for Perry$4,0002016+
93Koch Industries PACProject West Political Action Committee$4,0002016+
94Koch Industries PACRobert Aderholt for Congress$1,0002016+
95Koch Industries PACRothfus for Congress$4,0002016+
96Koch Industries PACScott Garrett for Congress$3,0002016+
97Koch Industries PACThe Eye of the Tiger PAC$1,0002016+
98Koch Industries PACTrott for Congress$1,5002016+
99Koch Industries PACTrue North PAC$1,0002016+
100Koch Industries PACVoteTipton.com$1,5002016+
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