136 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101Julia KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0002004+
102Julia KochSam Brownback for U.S. Senate Sam Brownback$1,0002004+
103Julia KochBill Manger for Congress  Bill Manger$2,0002004+
104Julia KochBush-Cheney '04George W. Bush$2,0002003+
105Julia KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0002003+
106Julia KochBill Manger for Congress  Bill Manger$2,0002003+
107Julia KochHutchinson for SenateTim Hutchinson$1,0002002+
108Julia KochGordon Smith for US Senate 2002Gordon Smith$1,0002002+
109Julia KochLindsey Graham for SenateLindsey Graham$1,0002002+
110Julia KochLindsey Graham for SenateLindsey Graham$1,0002002+
111Julia KochTalent for SenateJim Talent$1,0002002+
112Julia KochPearce for CongressSteve Pearce$1,0002002+
113Julia KochFriends of Jim Inhofe CommitteeJim Inhofe$1,0002002+
114Julia KochNorm Coleman for U.S. Senate Norm Coleman$1,0002002+
115Julia KochJohn Cornyn for SenateJohn Cornyn$1,0002002+
116Julia KochTeam SununuJohn Sununu$1,0002002+
117Julia KochFriends of Jeb HensarlingJeb Hensarling$1,0002002+
118Julia KochWayne Allard for United States Senate CommitteeWayne Allard$1,0002002+
119Julia KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0002002+
120Julia KochSenator John Warner Committee John Warner$1,0002002+
121Julia KochSenator John Warner Committee John Warner$1,0002002+
122Julia KochFriends of Mark Foley for Congress Mark Foley$1,0002002+
123Julia KochDole 2002 CommitteeElizabeth Dole$1,0002002+
124Julia KochDole 2002 CommitteeElizabeth Dole$1,0002001+
125Julia KochFriends of Katherine HarrisKatherine Harris$1,0002001+
126Julia KochSam Brownback for U.S. Senate Sam Brownback$1,0002001+
127Julia KochKoch Industries PACRick Lazio$5,0002001+
128Julia KochLazio 2000$1,0002000+
129Julia KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0002000+
130Julia KochFriends of Giuliani Exploratory CommitteeRudy Giuliani$1,0002000+
131Julia KochTodd Tiahrt for CongressTodd Tiahrt$1,0002000+
132Julia KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0001999+
133Julia KochFriends of George AllenGeorge Allen$1,0001999+
134Julia KochBush for PresidentGeorge W. Bush$1,0001999+
135Julia KochElizabeth Dole for President Exploratory CommitteeElizabeth Dole$1,0001999+
136Julia KochQuayle 2000Dan Quayle$1,0001999+
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