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3751John M. Olin FoundationCities In Schools$10,0001985+
3752John M. Olin FoundationClark University$40,0001985+
3753John M. Olin FoundationColorado School of Mines Foundation$25,0001985+
3754John M. Olin FoundationCommittee for Economic Development$10,0001985+
3755John M. Olin FoundationCommittee for the Free World$35,0001985+
3756John M. Olin FoundationCommittee in Support of Solidarity$25,0001985+
3757John M. Olin FoundationCornell University$20,6251985+
3758John M. Olin FoundationEagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund$25,0001985+
3759John M. Olin FoundationEast Hampton Beach Preservation Society$25,0001985+
3760John M. Olin FoundationEast West Foundation for International Affairs$30,0001985+
3761John M. Olin FoundationEmory University$60,0001985+
3762John M. Olin FoundationEmory University$172,8711985+
3763John M. Olin FoundationEthics and Public Policy Center$100,0001985+
3764John M. Olin FoundationExecutive Council on Foreign Diplomats$15,0001985+
3765John M. Olin FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$50,0001985+
3766John M. Olin FoundationForeign Policy Research Institute$25,0001985+
3767John M. Olin FoundationFoundation for Cultural Review$100,0001985+
3768John M. Olin FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$50,0001985+
3769John M. Olin FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$25,0001985+
3770John M. Olin FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$40,0001985+
3771John M. Olin FoundationFreedom House$25,0001985+
3772John M. Olin FoundationFreedom House$25,0001985+
3773John M. Olin FoundationGeorge C. Marshall Institute$50,0001985+
3774John M. Olin FoundationGeorge Mason University$100,0001985+
3775John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$25,0001985+
3776John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$20,0001985+
3777John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$40,5001985+
3778John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$40,0001985+
3779John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$20,0001985+
3780John M. Olin FoundationGeorgetown University$50,0001985+
3781John M. Olin FoundationHarvard Journal of Law and Public Policy$2,5001985+
3782John M. Olin FoundationHarvard Law School$289,0001985+
3783John M. Olin FoundationHarvard University$98,9671985+
3784John M. Olin FoundationHarvard University$39,2001985+
3785John M. Olin FoundationHarvard University$95,0001985+
3786John M. Olin FoundationHermitage Performing Arts Co.$10,0001985+
3787John M. Olin FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$100,0001985+
3788John M. Olin FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$150,0001985+
3789John M. Olin FoundationHugh O'Brian Youth Leadership$25,0001985+
3790John M. Olin FoundationInstitute for Contemporary Studies$75,0001985+
3791John M. Olin FoundationInstitute For Foreign Policy Analysis$77,1651985+
3792John M. Olin FoundationInstitute For Foreign Policy Analysis$105,6301985+
3793John M. Olin FoundationInstitute for International Economics$50,0001985+
3794John M. Olin FoundationInstitute for Liberty and Community$25,0001985+
3795John M. Olin FoundationInstitute for Political Economy$50,0001985+
3796John M. Olin FoundationInstitute for Research on the Economics of Taxation$50,0001985+
3797John M. Olin FoundationInstitute on Religion and Democracy$64,0001985+
3798John M. Olin FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$20,0001985+
3799John M. Olin FoundationInternational Institute for Economic Research$10,0001985+
3800John M. Olin FoundationInternational Parliamentary Group for Human Rights in the Soviet Union$50,0001985+
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