111 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51John Dawson FoundationMaricopa County Sheriff's Office Memorial Fund$3,0002009+
52John Dawson FoundationMake-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona$20,0002009+
53John Dawson FoundationHappily Ever After League$50,0002009+
54John Dawson FoundationCampus Crusade for Christ$1,0002009+
55John Dawson FoundationBenjamin Rush Foundation$50,0002009+
56John Dawson FoundationAmericans for Prosperity Foundation$250,0002009+
57John Dawson FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix$25,0002008+
58John Dawson FoundationCato Institute$50,0002008+
59John Dawson FoundationTopeka High School (Topeka KS)$50,0002008+
60John Dawson FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002008+
61John Dawson FoundationSmile Train$1,0002008+
62John Dawson FoundationGoldwater Institute$150,0002008+
63John Dawson FoundationPriority Living of Arizona$1,0002008+
64John Dawson FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002008+
65John Dawson FoundationGoldwater Institute$100,0002007+
66John Dawson FoundationJazz in Arizona Inc.$25,0002007+
67John Dawson FoundationLiteracy Kansas City$25,0002007+
68John Dawson FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002007+
69John Dawson FoundationWomen's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation$50,0002007+
70John Dawson FoundationXavier Dads' Club$1,0002006+
71John Dawson FoundationAmerican Heart Association Phoenix$25,0002006+
72John Dawson FoundationAmericans for Prosperity Foundation$25,0002006+
73John Dawson FoundationFund for American Studies$10,0002006+
74John Dawson FoundationGlacier Performing Arts Center$1,0002006+
75John Dawson FoundationHillsdale College$25,0502006+
76John Dawson FoundationWomen's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation$25,0002006+
77John Dawson FoundationXavier Dads' Club$7002005+
78John Dawson FoundationWomen's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation$20,0002005+
79John Dawson FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002005+
80John Dawson FoundationMartha Herrick Theatre Scholarship$23,8592005+
81John Dawson FoundationHillsdale College$25,0002005+
82John Dawson FoundationGoldwater Institute$50,0002005+
83John Dawson FoundationCoyotes Amateur Hockey Association$5002005+
84John Dawson FoundationCato Institute$25,0002005+
85John Dawson FoundationAmerican Heart Association Phoenix$25,0002005+
86John Dawson FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,4002004+
87John Dawson FoundationGoldwater Institute$25,0002004+
88John Dawson FoundationFund for American Studies$1,0002004+
89John Dawson FoundationCenter for First Principles$25,0002004+
90John Dawson FoundationCato Institute$50,0002004+
91John Dawson FoundationBeta Leadership Fund - Beta Theta Pi$1,2002004+
92John Dawson FoundationAmerican Heart Association Phoenix$25,0002004+
93John Dawson FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002003+
94John Dawson FoundationGoldwater Institute$25,0002003+
95John Dawson FoundationCenter for Responsible Budgeting$25,0002003+
96John Dawson FoundationCato Institute$50,0002003+
97John Dawson FoundationBeta Leadership Fund - Beta Theta Pi$1,2002003+
98John Dawson FoundationAmerican Heart Association Phoenix$25,0002003+
99John Dawson FoundationWomen's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation$5,0002002+
100John Dawson FoundationWomen's Board of Barrow Neurological Foundation$3,0002002+
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