34 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$30,0002013+
2Investor Protection Inc.Family Research Council Action$10,0002013+
3Investor Protection Inc.CitizenLink$10,0002013+
4Investor Protection Inc.American Family Association Action$10,0002013+
5Investor Protection Inc.Independent Women's Voice$25,0002012+
6Investor Protection Inc.Catholic Voice Action$20,0002012+
7Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$20,0002012+
8Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$15,0002011+
9Investor Protection Inc.Iowa Dream Project$50,0002010+
10Investor Protection Inc.Family Research Council Action$20,0002010+
11Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$14,0002009+
12Investor Protection Inc.Iowans for Tax Relief$650,0002009+
13Investor Protection Inc.Iowans for Tax Relief$650,0002009+
14Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$15,0002008+
15Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$17,0002007+
16Investor Protection Inc.Iowa Tax Limitation Committee$10,0002007+
17Investor Protection Inc.Good Government Group$15,0002007+
18Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$30,0002006+
19Investor Protection Inc.Iowa Family Legislative Center$10,0002006+
20Investor Protection Inc.Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association$1,0002006+
21Investor Protection Inc.Family Research Council Action$5,0002006+
22Investor Protection Inc.Citizens for Limited Taxation$3,0002006+
23Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$14,0002005+
24Investor Protection Inc.Iowa Family Legislative Center$5,0002005+
25Investor Protection Inc.Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association$1,0002005+
26Investor Protection Inc.Family Research Council Action$5,0002005+
27Investor Protection Inc.Citizens for Limited Taxation$2,0002005+
28Investor Protection Inc.United Wisconsin (Wauwatosa WI)$5,0002004+
29Investor Protection Inc.National Taxpayers Union$14,0002004+
30Investor Protection Inc.Iowa Family Legislative Center$2,0002004+
31Investor Protection Inc.Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association$1,0002004+
32Investor Protection Inc.Family Research Council Action$5,0002004+
33Investor Protection Inc.Defense of Marriage Coalition$50,0002004+
34Investor Protection Inc.Citizens for Limited Taxation$2,0002004+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.