313 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Howard Charitable FoundationPalm Springs Art Museum$9,1802011+
52Howard Charitable FoundationAmerican Spectator Foundation$5,0002011+
53Howard Charitable FoundationAssistance League of North Coast$5,0002011+
54Howard Charitable FoundationMerton Dale American Legion Post #80$200,0002010+
55Howard Charitable FoundationSan Juan Island Community Foundation$500,0002010+
56Howard Charitable FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$500,0002010+
57Howard Charitable FoundationHawaii Pacific University$500,0002010+
58Howard Charitable FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$1,000,0002010+
59Howard Charitable FoundationMiraCosta College$150,0002010+
60Howard Charitable FoundationSt. Michael's Episcopal Day School (Carmichael CA)$123,0002010+
61Howard Charitable FoundationInterfaith Community Services$100,0002010+
62Howard Charitable FoundationBrother Benno Foundation$50,0002010+
63Howard Charitable FoundationCasa de Amparo$50,0002010+
64Howard Charitable FoundationCommunity Resource Center$50,0002010+
65Howard Charitable FoundationCriminal Justice Legal Foundation$50,0002010+
66Howard Charitable FoundationFund for American Studies$50,0002010+
67Howard Charitable FoundationInterfaith Community Services$50,0002010+
68Howard Charitable FoundationThe Salvation Army$50,0002010+
69Howard Charitable FoundationUnited Way Gem Society$50,0002010+
70Howard Charitable FoundationUnited Way of San Diego County$50,0002010+
71Howard Charitable FoundationWomen's Resource Center (Oceanside CA)$30,0002010+
72Howard Charitable FoundationRacing For Our Heroes Foundation$25,0002010+
73Howard Charitable FoundationThe Angel's Depot$10,0002010+
74Howard Charitable FoundationMiramar Food Locker$5,0002009+
75Howard Charitable FoundationAssistance League of North Coast$5,0002009+
76Howard Charitable FoundationThe Angel's Depot$10,0002009+
77Howard Charitable FoundationRock of Faith Foundation$10,0002009+
78Howard Charitable FoundationRacing For Our Heroes Foundation$25,0002009+
79Howard Charitable FoundationWomen's Resource Center (Oceanside CA)$30,0002009+
80Howard Charitable FoundationSol Aureus College Preparatory School (Sacramento)$30,0002009+
81Howard Charitable FoundationUnited Way of San Diego County$50,0002009+
82Howard Charitable FoundationUnited Way Gem Society$50,0002009+
83Howard Charitable FoundationThe Salvation Army$50,0002009+
84Howard Charitable FoundationSamaritan Fellowship$50,0002009+
85Howard Charitable FoundationSafe Harbour Inc. (Carlisle PA)$50,0002009+
86Howard Charitable FoundationNorthwestern University School of Law$50,0002009+
87Howard Charitable FoundationInterfaith Community Services$50,0002009+
88Howard Charitable FoundationFund for American Studies$50,0002009+
89Howard Charitable FoundationCriminal Justice Legal Foundation$50,0002009+
90Howard Charitable FoundationCommunity Resource Center$50,0002009+
91Howard Charitable FoundationCasa de Amparo$50,0002009+
92Howard Charitable FoundationBrother Benno Foundation$50,0002009+
93Howard Charitable FoundationCarlisle C.A.R.E.S.$100,0002009+
94Howard Charitable FoundationCarlisle C.A.R.E.S.$100,0002009+
95Howard Charitable FoundationNorthwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra$150,0002009+
96Howard Charitable FoundationMerton Dale American Legion Post #80$200,0002009+
97Howard Charitable FoundationHoover Institution on War Revolution and Peace$250,0002009+
98Howard Charitable FoundationOceanside Museum of Art$300,0002009+
99Howard Charitable FoundationRancho Santa Fe Foundation$500,0002009+
100Howard Charitable FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$1,000,0002009+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.