689 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Harlan CrowScott Walker$2,3962012+
2Harlan CrowOzzie For Congress$2,5002012+
3Harlan CrowWendy E. Long$2,5002012+
4Harlan CrowNational Multi Housing Council$2,5002011+
5Harlan CrowJon Bruning$2,4002011+
6Harlan CrowTed Cruz$5,0002011+
7Harlan CrowTed Cruz$2,5002011+
8Harlan CrowLouie Gohmert$2,5002011+
9Harlan CrowDan Branch$50,0002011+
10Harlan CrowTim Pawlenty$5,0002011+
11Harlan CrowTim Pawlenty$2,5002011+
12Harlan CrowTodd Staples$10,0002011+
13Harlan CrowJon Huntsman for President$5,0002011+
14Harlan CrowJon Huntsman for President$2,5002011+
15Harlan CrowOrrin Hatch$5,0002011+
16Harlan CrowOrrin Hatch$2,5002011+
17Harlan CrowJohn J. Carona$5,0002011+
18Harlan CrowTed Poe$1,0002011+
19Harlan CrowMitch McConnell$1,0002011+
20Harlan CrowAaron Pena$5,0002011+
21Harlan CrowDavid H. Dewhurst$2,5002011+
22Harlan CrowDavid H. Dewhurst$2,5002011+
23Harlan CrowNational Republican Senatorial Committee$20,0002011+
24Harlan CrowNational Republican Congressional Committee$20,0002011+
25Harlan CrowRepublican National Committee$30,0002011+
26Harlan CrowRepublican National Committee$20,0002011+
27Harlan CrowMitt Romney$5,0002011+
28Harlan CrowCarolyn Wright$1,5002011+
29Harlan CrowNational Republican Senatorial Committee$8,2002011+
30Harlan CrowDean Heller$5,0002011+
31Harlan CrowDean Heller$2,5002011+
32Harlan CrowScott Brown$2,5002011+
33Harlan CrowRestore Our Future$150,0002011+
34Harlan CrowChuck Hopson$1,5002011+
35Harlan CrowEric Johnson$10,0002010+
36Harlan CrowJobs Economy & Budget Fund$1,5002010+
37Harlan CrowDavid H. Dewhurst$4,9082010+
38Harlan CrowMeg Whitman$25,9002010+
39Harlan CrowPete Hoekstra$1,5002010+
40Harlan CrowRepublican Governors Association$50,0002010+
41Harlan CrowDebra Lehrmann$5,0002010+
42Harlan CrowGarnet F. Coleman$5,0002010+
43Harlan CrowJohn J. Carona$5,0002010+
44Harlan CrowDavid H. Dewhurst$25,0002010+
45Harlan CrowStefani Carter$3,0002010+
46Harlan CrowSteve Montenegro$4002010+
47Harlan CrowRepublican Party of Florida$100,0002010+
48Harlan CrowAngie Chen Button$2,5002010+
49Harlan CrowBen Quayle$8002010+
50Harlan CrowVermont Republican Federal Elections Committee$2,0002010+
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