The Gilder Foundation is a New York City-based private foundation with more than $55 million in assets at the end of 2011. That year, the last for which financial information has been made available, it dispersed $31,186,250 in grants. The foundation has made the Foundation Center’s list of the Top 50 U.S. Foundations Awarding Grants for Arts and Culture several times, most recently in 2009 when it was 13th on the annual list.

Some of the Gilder Foundation’s most notable recipients include the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research ($1,110,300 since 1998), the Cato Institute ($375,000 since 1999) and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History ($66,763,224 since 1998). The foundation is also a minor player in the “education reform” movement, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups advocating vouchers and charter schools, including the Center for Education Reform and Center for Educational Innovation (previously part of the Manhattan Institute).

The foundation was founded in 1965 by prominent investor banker Richard Gilder, who co-founder the aforementioned Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and is chairman emeritus at the Manhattan Institute. In the 1980s, Gilder co-founded Political Club for Growth, which later became the Club for Growth.

Gilder is also a trustee at the American Museum of Natural History (where a graduate school is named after him). In 2005, President George Bush awarded Gilder with the National Humanities Medal.

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Grants Out
Total Expenses
12012$65,543,956$11,251,964$12,017,040$6,563,150$6,923,893View 990
22011$55,204,516$9,736,102$9,884,778$31,186,250$31,563,097View 990
32010$81,946,163$20,179,259$20,340,989$8,390,500$9,028,683View 990
42009$67,664,697$90,579$0$5,624,525$6,073,752View 990
52008$68,481,462$21,005,377$20,492,900$31,376,150$32,369,038View 990
62007$94,376,624$47,418,102$41,562,500$15,739,071$16,390,652View 990
72006$59,885,466$43,645,636$34,958,320$14,706,794$15,030,675View 990
82005$33,159,986$26,725,403$18,491,200$20,141,077$20,602,722View 990
92004$30,653,779$9,116,348$4,624,580$16,289,060$16,413,580View 990
102003$38,260,658$5,117,849$3,947,897$14,858,780$15,142,199View 990
112002$38,081,187$3,456,071$3,994,375$14,963,679$15,097,219View 990
122001$45,768,381$-7,316,371$0$8,857,569$9,080,094View 990

3,153 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Gilder FoundationAckerman Institute for the Family$5,0002012+
2Gilder FoundationAcumen Fund Inc.$50,0002012+
3Gilder FoundationAlliance for Young Artists and Writers$2,5002012+
4Gilder FoundationAlzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation$1,0002012+
5Gilder FoundationAmerican Academy in Rome$5,0002012+
6Gilder FoundationAmerican Associates of the Royal National Theatre$2,0002012+
7Gilder FoundationAmerican Ballet Theatre$5,0002012+
8Gilder FoundationAmerican Ballet Theatre$5,0002012+
9Gilder FoundationAmerican Friends Of P'TACH$5002012+
10Gilder FoundationAmerican Heart Association$5,0002012+
11Gilder FoundationAmerican Heritage Society$5,0002012+
12Gilder FoundationAmerican Museum of Natural History$10,0002012+
13Gilder FoundationAmerican Museum of Natural History$5,0002012+
14Gilder FoundationAmerican Museum of Natural History$10,0002012+
15Gilder FoundationArt21 Inc.$10,0002012+
16Gilder FoundationAtlantic Theater Company$1,0002012+
17Gilder FoundationAudubon New York$10,0002012+
18Gilder FoundationThe Bachman-Strauss Dystronia & Parkinson Foundation$2,5002012+
19Gilder FoundationBarnard College$70,0002012+
20Gilder FoundationBarnard College$150,0002012+
21Gilder FoundationBreast Cancer Research Foundation$10,0002012+
22Gilder FoundationThe Broadway Mall Association$2,5002012+
23Gilder FoundationCancer Research Institute$5,0002012+
24Gilder FoundationCapital District YMCA$2,5002012+
25Gilder FoundationThe Carnegie Hall Society$5,0002012+
26Gilder FoundationCenter for Educational Innovation$50,0002012+
27Gilder FoundationCenter for Traditional Music and Dance$5,0002012+
28Gilder FoundationCenter for Traditional Music and Dance$5,0002012+
29Gilder FoundationCentral Park Conservancy$23,0002012+
30Gilder FoundationCentral Park Conservancy$13,5002012+
31Gilder FoundationCentral Park Conservancy$5,0002012+
32Gilder FoundationCentral Park Conservancy$500,0002012+
33Gilder FoundationCentury Association Archives Foundation$1,0002012+
34Gilder FoundationThe Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center$2,5002012+
35Gilder FoundationChess-in-the-Schools$2,5002012+
36Gilder FoundationChrist Church - Dark Harbor$1,0002012+
37Gilder FoundationChrist Church United Methodist$219,0002012+
38Gilder FoundationChrist Church United Methodist Trust$50,0002012+
39Gilder FoundationCitizens Union Foundation$5,0002012+
40Gilder FoundationCivic Builders$2,5002012+
41Gilder FoundationCivitas Citizens$1,0002012+
42Gilder FoundationClassroom Inc.$10,0002012+
43Gilder FoundationCold Spring Harbor Laboratory Association$40,0002012+
44Gilder FoundationColumbia University$10,0002012+
45Gilder FoundationColumbia University Medical Center$3,5002012+
46Gilder FoundationCongregation Emanu-El$1,0002012+
47Gilder FoundationConvent of the Sacred Heart School$10,0002012+
48Gilder FoundationCorpus Christi School$3,0002012+
49Gilder FoundationDancing Dreams$5,0002012+
50Gilder FoundationEarly Music Foundation$2,5002012+
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