4,841 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51F.M. Kirby FoundationColby College$10,0002012+
52F.M. Kirby FoundationCold Spring Harbor Laboratory$150,0002012+
53F.M. Kirby FoundationCommon Sense Institute of New Jersey$10,0002012+
54F.M. Kirby FoundationCommunity Food Bank of New Jersey$50,0002012+
55F.M. Kirby FoundationCommunity Hope$25,0002012+
56F.M. Kirby FoundationConservation Resources$15,0002012+
57F.M. Kirby FoundationConservation Trust for North Carolina$15,0002012+
58F.M. Kirby FoundationCooper-Hewitt National Design Museum$25,0002012+
59F.M. Kirby FoundationCorning Museum of Glass$12,5002012+
60F.M. Kirby FoundationCouncil of New Jersey Grantmakers$25,0002012+
61F.M. Kirby FoundationCovenant House New Jersey$55,0002012+
62F.M. Kirby FoundationCriminal Justice Legal Foundation$30,0002012+
63F.M. Kirby FoundationCrohn's & Colitis Foundation of America$120,0002012+
64F.M. Kirby FoundationDolgeville Central School (Dolgeville NY)$2,0002012+
65F.M. Kirby FoundationDolgeville Violet Festival$3,5002012+
66F.M. Kirby FoundationDrew University$110,0002012+
67F.M. Kirby FoundationDurham Academy (Durham NC)$248,3332012+
68F.M. Kirby FoundationDurham Symphony$18,5002012+
69F.M. Kirby FoundationEmployment Horizons$45,0002012+
70F.M. Kirby FoundationEngenderHealth$85,0002012+
71F.M. Kirby FoundationEnglish-Speaking Union of the United States$15,0002012+
72F.M. Kirby FoundationEnvironmental Defense Fund$100,0002012+
73F.M. Kirby FoundationEpiscopal Preaching Foundation$22,5002012+
74F.M. Kirby FoundationF.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts$165,0002012+
75F.M. Kirby FoundationFairfield University$17,5002012+
76F.M. Kirby FoundationFamily Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania$12,5002012+
77F.M. Kirby FoundationFamily Service of Morris County$90,0002012+
78F.M. Kirby FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$40,0002012+
79F.M. Kirby FoundationFederation for American Immigration Reform$105,0002012+
80F.M. Kirby FoundationFirst Night Morris$7,5002012+
81F.M. Kirby FoundationFoundation Center$15,0002012+
82F.M. Kirby FoundationFoundation Fighting Blindness$80,0002012+
83F.M. Kirby FoundationFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$45,0002012+
84F.M. Kirby FoundationFoundation for Morristown Medical Center$200,0002012+
85F.M. Kirby FoundationFreedom Alliance$30,0002012+
86F.M. Kirby FoundationFreedom House - New Jersey$10,0002012+
87F.M. Kirby FoundationFund for American Studies$30,0002012+
88F.M. Kirby FoundationGettysburg Foundation$30,0002012+
89F.M. Kirby FoundationGill St. Bernard's School$150,0002012+
90F.M. Kirby FoundationGirl Scouts of Northern New Jersey$50,0002012+
91F.M. Kirby FoundationGladney Center for Adoption$40,0002012+
92F.M. Kirby FoundationGood Grief$15,0002012+
93F.M. Kirby FoundationGrace Counseling Center$20,0002012+
94F.M. Kirby FoundationGrace Episcopal Church (Madison NJ)$25,0002012+
95F.M. Kirby FoundationGreat Swamp Watershed Association$17,5002012+
96F.M. Kirby FoundationGreater Morristown YMCA$35,0002012+
97F.M. Kirby FoundationGreater Newark Conservancy$45,0002012+
98F.M. Kirby FoundationGreensboro Day School$70,0002012+
99F.M. Kirby FoundationGrowingstage - The Children's Theatre of New Jersey$17,5002012+
100F.M. Kirby FoundationGuideStar$10,0002012+
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