2,123 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Exxon MobilCouncil on Foreign Relations$100,0002012+
52Exxon MobilCouncil on Foundations$15,0002012+
53Exxon MobilDurham University$7,8482012+
54Exxon MobilEisenhower Fellowships$250,0002012+
55Exxon MobilEurasia Foundation$25,0002012+
56Exxon MobilExecutive Council on Diplomacy$20,0002012+
57Exxon MobilFaith & Politics Institute$25,0002012+
58Exxon MobilFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$15,0002012+
59Exxon MobilFinancial Executives Research Foundation$50,0002012+
60Exxon MobilFoundation for Public Affairs$5,0002012+
61Exxon MobilFoundation for Research on Economics & the Environment$40,0002012+
62Exxon MobilFund for Peace$15,0002012+
63Exxon MobilGeorge Mason University$50,0002012+
64Exxon MobilGeorge Washington University$50,0002012+
65Exxon MobilGeorge Washington University$95,0002012+
66Exxon MobilGeorgetown University$50,0002012+
67Exxon MobilGeorgetown University$50,0002012+
68Exxon MobilIFRS Foundation$150,0002012+
69Exxon MobilInstitute for Research on the Economics of Taxation$10,0002012+
70Exxon MobilInstitute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation$5,0002012+
71Exxon MobilInter-American Dialogue$7,5602012+
72Exxon MobilInternational Conservation Caucus Foundation$25,0002012+
73Exxon MobilJames A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy$50,0002012+
74Exxon MobilJoint Center for Political and Economic Studies$30,0002012+
75Exxon MobilKuwait-America Foundation$400,0002012+
76Exxon MobilLatino Leaders Network$20,0002012+
77Exxon MobilManhattan Institute for Policy Research$35,0002012+
78Exxon MobilMassachusetts Institute of Technology$85,0002012+
79Exxon MobilMercatus Center$25,0002012+
80Exxon MobilMeridian International Center$25,0002012+
81Exxon MobilMexican Cultural Institute$5,0002012+
82Exxon MobilMiddle East Institute$50,0002012+
83Exxon MobilMiddle East Policy Council$20,0002012+
84Exxon MobilMountain States Legal Foundation$10,0002012+
85Exxon MobilNational Black Chamber of Commerce$125,0002012+
86Exxon MobilNational Bureau of Asian Research$50,0002012+
87Exxon MobilNational Bureau of Asian Research$30,0002012+
88Exxon MobilNational Bureau of Asian Research$100,0002012+
89Exxon MobilNational Bureau of Asian Research$5,0002012+
90Exxon MobilNational Bureau of Economic Research$25,0002012+
91Exxon MobilNational Center for State Courts$25,0002012+
92Exxon MobilNational Conference of State Legislatures Foundation$12,5002012+
93Exxon MobilNational Conference of State Legislatures Foundation$5,0002012+
94Exxon MobilNational Council on U.S.-Arab Relations$50,0002012+
95Exxon MobilNational Foreign Trade Council Foundation$25,0002012+
96Exxon MobilNational Foreign Trade Council Foundation$15,0002012+
97Exxon MobilNational Foundation for American Policy$7,5002012+
98Exxon MobilNational Foundation for Judicial Excellence$10,0002012+
99Exxon MobilNational Governors Association Center for Best Practices$20,0002012+
100Exxon MobilNational Judicial College$60,0002012+
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