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2601Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002003+
2602Donors Capital FundCenter for Independent Employees$5,0002003+
2603Donors Capital FundCato Institute$2,5002003+
2604Donors Capital FundCapital Research Center$1,0002003+
2605Donors Capital FundBoy Scouts of America Central Florida Council$2,5002003+
2606Donors Capital FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$1,0002003+
2607Donors Capital FundAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$1,651,0002003+
2608Donors Capital FundAmerican Conservative Union Foundation$1,0002003+
2609Donors Capital FundAmerican Civil Rights Institute$1,0002003+
2610Donors Capital FundYoung America's Foundation$3,5002002+
2611Donors Capital FundWashington Legal Foundation$1,0002002+
2612Donors Capital FundThe Heritage Foundation$2,5002002+
2613Donors Capital FundThe Freedom Foundation$1,0002002+
2614Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$1,0002002+
2615Donors Capital FundReason Foundation$1,0002002+
2616Donors Capital FundNational Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation$50,0002002+
2617Donors Capital FundMercatus Center$1,0002002+
2618Donors Capital FundMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center$2,5002002+
2619Donors Capital FundLeadership Institute$3,0002002+
2620Donors Capital FundJudicial Watch$25,0002002+
2621Donors Capital FundInstitute for Justice$1,0002002+
2622Donors Capital FundGoldwater Institute$1,0002002+
2623Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002002+
2624Donors Capital FundCato Institute$2,5002002+
2625Donors Capital FundCapital Research Center$1,0002002+
2626Donors Capital FundBrotherhood Organization of a New Destiny$1,0002002+
2627Donors Capital FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$1,0002002+
2628Donors Capital FundAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$851,0902002+
2629Donors Capital FundAmerican Conservative Union Foundation$1,0002002+
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