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2551Donors Capital FundHadley School for the Blind (Winnetka IL)$1,0002004+
2552Donors Capital FundGoldwater Institute$1,0002004+
2553Donors Capital FundFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center$2,5002004+
2554Donors Capital FundFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$15,0002004+
2555Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002004+
2556Donors Capital FundDePaul University$1,0002004+
2557Donors Capital FundCumberland College$10,0002004+
2558Donors Capital FundCivic Orchestra of Chicago$50,0002004+
2559Donors Capital FundChicago Shakespeare Theater$30,0002004+
2560Donors Capital FundChicago Botanic Garden$10,0002004+
2561Donors Capital FundCato Institute$174,6702004+
2562Donors Capital FundCapital Research Center$2,5002004+
2563Donors Capital FundBrotherhood Organization of a New Destiny$10,0002004+
2564Donors Capital FundBoy Scouts of America Central Florida Council$10,0002004+
2565Donors Capital FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$1,0002004+
2566Donors Capital FundAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$1,501,0002004+
2567Donors Capital FundAmerican Conservative Union Foundation$1,0002004+
2568Donors Capital FundAmerican Civil Rights Institute$5,0002004+
2569Donors Capital FundYoung America's Foundation$12,5002003+
2570Donors Capital FundWashington Legal Foundation$6,0002003+
2571Donors Capital FundThe Heritage Foundation$7,5002003+
2572Donors Capital FundThe Freedom Foundation$1,0002003+
2573Donors Capital FundCenter for Individual Rights$10,0002003+
2574Donors Capital FundStudent Governmental Affairs Program$1,0002003+
2575Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$1,0002003+
2576Donors Capital FundSt. Matthew Catholic School (Hillsboro OR)$2,0002003+
2577Donors Capital FundSt. Mary of the Angels Episcopal Church (Orlando)$2,7502003+
2578Donors Capital FundSt. Jude Maronite Catholic Church (Orlando)$11,0002003+
2579Donors Capital FundSt. John Vianney Catholic Church (Orlando)$2,7502003+
2580Donors Capital FundSecond Amendment Foundation$1,0002003+
2581Donors Capital FundReason Foundation$1,0002003+
2582Donors Capital FundPacific Legal Foundation$2,5002003+
2583Donors Capital FundOperation Exodus Inner City$1,0002003+
2584Donors Capital FundNorthwestern University$48,0002003+
2585Donors Capital FundNational Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation$30,0002003+
2586Donors Capital FundNational Legal and Policy Center$7,5002003+
2587Donors Capital FundMuscular Dystrophy$5,0002003+
2588Donors Capital FundMercatus Center$1,0002003+
2589Donors Capital FundMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center$2,5002003+
2590Donors Capital FundMedia Research Center$5,0002003+
2591Donors Capital FundLisa Merlin House$1,0002003+
2592Donors Capital FundLiberty Counsel$2,5002003+
2593Donors Capital FundLeadership Institute$5,0002003+
2594Donors Capital FundInstitute for Justice$1,0002003+
2595Donors Capital FundInstitute for Humane Studies$2,5002003+
2596Donors Capital FundGoldwater Institute$1,0002003+
2597Donors Capital FundFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center$2,5002003+
2598Donors Capital FundFoundation for Older Americans$1,0002003+
2599Donors Capital FundFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$23,0002003+
2600Donors Capital FundEvanston Northwestern Healthcare Corporation$26,3182003+
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