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2451Donors Capital FundManhattan Institute for Policy Research$50,0002005+
2452Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$50,0002005+
2453Donors Capital FundLink Community School$1,0002005+
2454Donors Capital FundLeadership Institute$5,0002005+
2455Donors Capital FundLEAD Foundation$900,0002005+
2456Donors Capital FundJames Madison Institute$150,0002005+
2457Donors Capital FundInstitute for Justice$101,0002005+
2458Donors Capital FundIndependence Institute$200,0002005+
2459Donors Capital FundIllinois Taxpayer Education Foundation$10,0002005+
2460Donors Capital FundIllinois Policy Institute$50,0002005+
2461Donors Capital FundHudson Institute$400,0002005+
2462Donors Capital FundHoly Family Catholic Church (Orlando)$5,0002005+
2463Donors Capital FundHeartland Institute$550,4272005+
2464Donors Capital FundGreat Plains Public Policy Institute$50,0002005+
2465Donors Capital FundGrassroot Institute of Hawaii$50,0002005+
2466Donors Capital FundGoldwater Institute$151,0002005+
2467Donors Capital FundGeorge Mason University$150,0002005+
2468Donors Capital FundFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center$2,5002005+
2469Donors Capital FundFractured Atlas Productions Inc.$9,0002005+
2470Donors Capital FundFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$10,0002005+
2471Donors Capital FundFirst Baptist Church of Geneva (Geneva FL)$3,0002005+
2472Donors Capital FundFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$500,0002005+
2473Donors Capital FundEthan Allen Institute$50,0002005+
2474Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$25,0002005+
2475Donors Capital FundCumberland College$10,0002005+
2476Donors Capital FundCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$100,0002005+
2477Donors Capital FundCommittee for a Constructive Tomorrow$5,0002005+
2478Donors Capital FundCommercial Club Foundation$10,0002005+
2479Donors Capital FundClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$1,0002005+
2480Donors Capital FundCenter of the American Experiment$150,0002005+
2481Donors Capital FundCenter for Islamic Pluralism$100,0002005+
2482Donors Capital FundCato Institute$132,5002005+
2483Donors Capital FundCapital Research Center$2,0002005+
2484Donors Capital FundBrotherhood Organization of a New Destiny$12,0002005+
2485Donors Capital FundBoys & Girls Clubs of Martin County$10,0002005+
2486Donors Capital FundBluegrass Institute$50,0002005+
2487Donors Capital FundAtlas Economic Research Foundation$2,0002005+
2488Donors Capital FundAmericans for Prosperity Foundation$25,0002005+
2489Donors Capital FundAmericans for Limited Government Foundation$3,150,0002005+
2490Donors Capital FundAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$1,501,0002005+
2491Donors Capital FundAmerican Conservative Union Foundation$1,0002005+
2492Donors Capital FundAlabama Policy Institute$20,0002005+
2493Donors Capital FundAfrica Fighting Malaria$75,0002005+
2494Donors Capital FundYoung America's Foundation$12,0002004+
2495Donors Capital FundYankee Institute for Public Policy$51,0002004+
2496Donors Capital FundWTTW$1,0002004+
2497Donors Capital FundWPBT$5,0002004+
2498Donors Capital FundWFMT$1,0002004+
2499Donors Capital FundWinnetka Historical Society$1,0002004+
2500Donors Capital FundWestchester Community College Foundation$500,0002004+
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