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151Donors Capital FundMountain States Legal Foundation$50,0002014+
152Donors Capital FundNational Center for Public Policy Research$40,0002014+
153Donors Capital FundNational Legal and Policy Center$30,0002014+
154Donors Capital FundPacific Legal Foundation$55,0002014+
155Donors Capital FundPublic Service Research Foundation$30,0002014+
156Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$40,0002014+
157Donors Capital FundStewards of the Range$25,0002014+
158Donors Capital FundWashington Legal Foundation$40,0002014+
159Donors Capital FundYoung America's Foundation$40,0002014+
160Donors Capital FundYoung America's Foundation$20,0002014+
161Donors Capital FundBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$4,5002014+
162Donors Capital FundCalifornia Public Policy Center$8002014+
163Donors Capital FundCenter for America$1,000,0002014+
164Donors Capital FundEmpire Center for Public Policy$4,5002014+
165Donors Capital FundFranklin Center for Government & Public Integrity$89,1002014+
166Donors Capital FundLucy Burns Institute$41,0002014+
167Donors Capital FundShow-Me Institute$6002014+
168Donors Capital FundSutherland Institute$4,5002014+
169Donors Capital FundWashington Policy Center$4,5002014+
170Donors Capital FundJewish Philosophy Fund$1,000,0002014+
171Donors Capital FundFirst Presbyterian Church Midland$1,2472014+
172Donors Capital FundFranklin Center for Government & Public Integrity$1,750,0002014+
173Donors Capital FundFree To Choose Network$333,6752014+
174Donors Capital FundInstitute for Humane Studies$50,0002014+
175Donors Capital FundLucy Burns Institute$800,0002014+
176Donors Capital FundMiddle East Forum$450,0002014+
177Donors Capital FundState Budget Solutions$150,0002014+
178Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$200,0002014+
179Donors Capital FundAyn Rand Institute$50,0002014+
180Donors Capital FundCalifornia Public Policy Center$10,0002014+
181Donors Capital FundOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$1,5002014+
182Donors Capital FundSt Matthew Catholic School$5,0002014+
183Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$61,7502014+
184Donors Capital FundBrotherhood Organization of a New Destiny$5,0002014+
185Donors Capital FundFree To Choose Network$287,6002014+
186Donors Capital FundNevada Policy Research Institute$3,5002014+
187Donors Capital FundPhilanthropy Roundtable$135,0002014+
188Donors Capital FundTrinity School of Midland$5,0002014+
189Donors Capital FundArendell Parrott Academy$25,0002014+
190Donors Capital FundGeorge Mark Children's Fund$25,0002014+
191Donors Capital FundJudicial Education Project$250,0002014+
192Donors Capital FundKansas Policy Institute$2,0002014+
193Donors Capital FundProject Veritas$10,0002014+
194Donors Capital FundUniversity of Texas Foundation$30,0002014+
195Donors Capital FundCatholic Association Foundation$90,0002014+
196Donors Capital FundCenter for Independent Thought$100,0002014+
197Donors Capital FundCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$3,5002014+
198Donors Capital FundEmpire Center for Public Policy$3322014+
199Donors Capital FundLibertas Institute$23,1002014+
200Donors Capital FundMarket Research Foundation$400,0002014+
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