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51Donors Capital FundGeorgia Center for Opportunity$2,4002014+
52Donors Capital FundHuman Rights Foundation$300,0002014+
53Donors Capital FundIdaho Freedom Foundation$5002014+
54Donors Capital FundIllinois Policy Institute$3,0002014+
55Donors Capital FundIndependence Institute$2,4002014+
56Donors Capital FundMackinac Center for Public Policy$3,0002014+
57Donors Capital FundPlatte Institute for Economic Research$5002014+
58Donors Capital FundSpark Freedom$66,0002014+
59Donors Capital FundAmerican Islamic Congress$25,0002014+
60Donors Capital FundCato Institute$50,0002014+
61Donors Capital FundChildren's Scholarship Fund$175,0002014+
62Donors Capital FundFirst Book$10,0002014+
63Donors Capital FundFoundation for Economic Education$100,0002014+
64Donors Capital FundFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$350,0002014+
65Donors Capital FundFreedom Foundation$6002014+
66Donors Capital FundInstitute for Justice$100,0002014+
67Donors Capital FundJerusalem Institute for Market Studies$50,0002014+
68Donors Capital FundReason Individualism Freedom Institute$20,0002014+
69Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$30,5002014+
70Donors Capital FundStudents for Liberty$100,0002014+
71Donors Capital FundCenter for Competitive Politics$500,0002014+
72Donors Capital FundEvangelical Development Ministry$10,0002014+
73Donors Capital FundFranklin Center for Government & Public Integrity$50,0002014+
74Donors Capital FundSutherland Institute$12,0002014+
75Donors Capital FundTrinity School of Midland$2,0002014+
76Donors Capital FundDonorsTrust$1,000,0002014+
77Donors Capital FundAdvance Arkansas Institute$3,5002014+
78Donors Capital FundAlabama Policy Institute$3,5002014+
79Donors Capital FundAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$11,0002014+
80Donors Capital FundBeacon Center of Tennessee$3,5002014+
81Donors Capital FundBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$7,0002014+
82Donors Capital FundCenter for Class Action Fairness$150,0002014+
83Donors Capital FundFlorida State University Foundation$439,5002014+
84Donors Capital FundFoundation for Government Accountability$9,5002014+
85Donors Capital FundFreedom Foundation of Minnesota$3,5002014+
86Donors Capital FundFreedom Foundation$2,1002014+
87Donors Capital FundGoldwater Institute$20,0002014+
88Donors Capital FundIndependence Institute$3,5002014+
89Donors Capital FundJames Madison Institute$3,5002014+
90Donors Capital FundJohn W Pope Civitas Institute$5,0002014+
91Donors Capital FundMackinac Center for Public Policy$16,0002014+
92Donors Capital FundMaine Heritage Policy Center$3,5002014+
93Donors Capital FundMississippi Center for Public Policy$3,5002014+
94Donors Capital FundOklahoma Council of Public Affairs$16,5002014+
95Donors Capital FundState Budget Solutions$15,0002014+
96Donors Capital FundState Policy Network$150,0002014+
97Donors Capital FundStudentNewsDaily.com$25,0002014+
98Donors Capital FundTexas Public Policy Foundation$17,5002014+
99Donors Capital FundWashington Policy Center$21,0002014+
100Donors Capital FundEmpire Center for Public Policy$25,0002014+
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