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12012$649,513,608$1,394,516$0$1,533,000$2,396,437View 990
22011$568,185,598$1,667,389$0$1,500,000$2,310,561View 990
32010$609,202,819$1,414,728$30,000$1,232,000$2,143,037View 990
42009$524,074,006$-5,669,136$0$736,500$1,542,308View 990
52008$23,828,705$2,310,353$0$2,194,000$3,003,508View 990

370 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNetwork For Teaching Entrepreneurship$350,0002012+
2Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInstitute of World Politics$200,0002012+
3Diana Davis Spencer FoundationOne Generation Away$150,0002012+
4Diana Davis Spencer FoundationWheaton College$80,0002012+
5Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAsia America Initiative$40,0002012+
6Diana Davis Spencer FoundationChapel Haven (New Haven)$40,0002012+
7Diana Davis Spencer FoundationBest Friends Foundation$30,0002012+
8Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni$25,0002012+
9Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAppletree Institute for Education Innovation$25,0002012+
10Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInstitute for Justice$25,0002012+
11Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMaplebrook School$25,0002012+
12Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMasters School$25,0002012+
13Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMedia Research Center$25,0002012+
14Diana Davis Spencer FoundationCenter for Inspired Teaching$20,0002012+
15Diana Davis Spencer FoundationCentroNia$20,0002012+
16Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInstitute for Responsible Citizenship$20,0002012+
17Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInvestigative Project on Terrorism$20,0002012+
18Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMiddle East Children's Institute$20,0002012+
19Diana Davis Spencer FoundationWashington Tennis & Education Foundation$20,0002012+
20Diana Davis Spencer FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$18,0002012+
21Diana Davis Spencer FoundationBabson College$15,0002012+
22Diana Davis Spencer FoundationCenter for Security Policy$15,0002012+
23Diana Davis Spencer FoundationCity Year Washington DC$15,0002012+
24Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$15,0002012+
25Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFreedomWorks Foundation$15,0002012+
26Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInternational Freedom Educational Foundation$15,0002012+
27Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNew Leaders for New Schools$15,0002012+
28Diana Davis Spencer FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$15,0002012+
29Diana Davis Spencer FoundationRead to Grow$12,0002012+
30Diana Davis Spencer FoundationEnough is Enough$10,0002012+
31Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFor Love of Children$10,0002012+
32Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFreedom Alliance$10,0002012+
33Diana Davis Spencer FoundationInstitute for American Values$10,0002012+
34Diana Davis Spencer FoundationJacob Burns Film Center$10,0002012+
35Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNortheast Harbor Library$10,0002012+
36Diana Davis Spencer FoundationNumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation$10,0002012+
37Diana Davis Spencer FoundationTurnaround for Children$10,0002012+
38Diana Davis Spencer FoundationVirginia Institute for Public Policy$10,0002012+
39Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFriends of Acadia$8,0002012+
40Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFund for American Studies$8,0002012+
41Diana Davis Spencer FoundationAspen Institute$5,0002012+
42Diana Davis Spencer FoundationCompetitive Enterprise Institute$5,0002012+
43Diana Davis Spencer FoundationFoundation Fighting Blindness$5,0002012+
44Diana Davis Spencer FoundationThe Gloucester Institute$5,0002012+
45Diana Davis Spencer FoundationGoldwater Institute$5,0002012+
46Diana Davis Spencer FoundationHope Community Charter School$5,0002012+
47Diana Davis Spencer FoundationIndependent Women's Forum$5,0002012+
48Diana Davis Spencer FoundationLinden Resources$5,0002012+
49Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMaine Coast Heritage Trust$5,0002012+
50Diana Davis Spencer FoundationMeridian International Center$5,0002012+
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