239 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

201Deramus FoundationSurviving Spouse and Family Endowment$5,0002004+
202Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$50,0002004+
203Deramus FoundationUniversity of Missouri School of Law$100,0002004+
204Deramus FoundationAmerican Heart Association$2952003+
205Deramus FoundationAmerican Kennel Club$10,0002003+
206Deramus FoundationAmerican Red Cross$20,0002003+
207Deramus FoundationBishop Spencer Place (Kansas City MO)$1,5002003+
208Deramus FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City$50,0002003+
209Deramus FoundationDolphin Communication Project$50,0002003+
210Deramus FoundationKansas City Zoo$6,6502003+
211Deramus FoundationMeals on Wheels (Shawnee Mission KS)$20,0002003+
212Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$60,0002003+
213Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$250,0002003+
214Deramus FoundationUniversity of Missouri School of Law$100,0002003+
215Deramus FoundationAmerican Kennel Club$13,5002002+
216Deramus FoundationBishop Spencer Place (Kansas City MO)$100,0002002+
217Deramus FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City$50,0002002+
218Deramus FoundationCystic Fibrosis Foundation$10,0002002+
219Deramus FoundationDolphin Communication Project$14,3502002+
220Deramus FoundationKansas City Zoo$260,0002002+
221Deramus FoundationMeals on Wheels (Shawnee Mission KS)$10,0002002+
222Deramus FoundationPikes Peak Community Foundation$20,0002002+
223Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$5,0002002+
224Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002002+
225Deramus FoundationUniversity of Missouri School of Law$60,0002002+
226Deramus FoundationWayside Waifs Humane Society (Kansas City MO)$10,0002002+
227Deramus FoundationAmerican Heart Association$30,0002001+
228Deramus FoundationBishop Ward High School (Kansas City KS)$10,0002001+
229Deramus FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City$25,0002001+
230Deramus FoundationCheyenne Mountain Zoo$11,0222001+
231Deramus FoundationChildren's Mercy Hospital (Kansas City MO)$50,0002001+
232Deramus FoundationDolphin Communication Project$7,4692001+
233Deramus FoundationKansas City Zoo$4,0002001+
234Deramus FoundationKansas City Zoo$25,0002001+
235Deramus FoundationPembroke Hill School (Kansas City MO)$250,0002001+
236Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002001+
237Deramus FoundationThe Teel Institute$50,0002001+
238Deramus FoundationUniversity of Missouri School of Law$40,0002001+
239Deramus FoundationVanderbilt University$250,0002001+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.