239 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

151Deramus FoundationCheyenne Mountain Zoo$20,0002007+
152Deramus FoundationDuke University$25,0002007+
153Deramus FoundationFreedom Alliance$100,0002007+
154Deramus FoundationKansas Association of Chiefs of Police$10,0002007+
155Deramus FoundationKansas City Public Television$1,0002007+
156Deramus FoundationMarine Toys for Tots Foundation$3,6002007+
157Deramus FoundationMuscular Dystrophy Association$1,0002007+
158Deramus FoundationNelson-Atkins Museum of Art$250,0002007+
159Deramus FoundationSafehome (Overland Park KS)$5,0002007+
160Deramus FoundationSaint Luke's Hospital (Kansas City MO)$100,0002007+
161Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$35,0002007+
162Deramus FoundationShawnee Mission Education Foundation$10,0002007+
163Deramus FoundationSurviving Spouse and Family Endowment$50,0002007+
164Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002007+
165Deramus FoundationTurning Point (Leawood KS)$20,0002007+
166Deramus FoundationAmerican Heart Association$5,0002006+
167Deramus FoundationBishop Spencer Place (Kansas City MO)$50,0002006+
168Deramus FoundationDalmatian Club of America Foundation$25,0002006+
169Deramus FoundationDuke University$2,5002006+
170Deramus FoundationFolly Theater (Kansas City MO)$200,0002006+
171Deramus FoundationKansas Association of Chiefs of Police$10,0002006+
172Deramus FoundationKansas City Public Television$4,0002006+
173Deramus FoundationLeukemia & Lymphoma Society$1,0002006+
174Deramus FoundationMeals on Wheels (Shawnee Mission KS)$50,0002006+
175Deramus FoundationNelson-Atkins Museum of Art$250,0002006+
176Deramus FoundationSaint Luke's Hospital (Kansas City MO)$100,0002006+
177Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$40,0002006+
178Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002006+
179Deramus FoundationAmerican Heart Association$25,0002005+
180Deramus FoundationBishop Spencer Place (Kansas City MO)$50,0002005+
181Deramus FoundationBoys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City$50,0002005+
182Deramus FoundationChildren's Center for the Visually Impaired$5,0002005+
183Deramus FoundationKansas Association of Chiefs of Police$5,0002005+
184Deramus FoundationLittle Sisters of the Poor (Kansas City MO)$5,0002005+
185Deramus FoundationMeals on Wheels (Shawnee Mission KS)$50,0002005+
186Deramus FoundationNelson-Atkins Museum of Art$250,0002005+
187Deramus FoundationPeople to People International (Kansas City MO)$1,0002005+
188Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$20,0002005+
189Deramus FoundationSamaritan's Purse$50,0002005+
190Deramus FoundationStarlight Theatre (Kansas City. MO)$100,0002005+
191Deramus FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0002005+
192Deramus FoundationUniversity of Missouri School of Law$20,0002005+
193Deramus FoundationAmerican Heart Association$25,0002004+
194Deramus FoundationBishop Spencer Place (Kansas City MO)$25,0002004+
195Deramus FoundationFreedom Alliance$50,0002004+
196Deramus FoundationJohn Patrick McCarthy Memorial Fund$100,0002004+
197Deramus FoundationKansas City Community Kitchen$40,0002004+
198Deramus FoundationMeals on Wheels (Shawnee Mission KS)$10,0002004+
199Deramus FoundationSalvation Army - Kansas City$10,0002004+
200Deramus FoundationSpirit of America$50,0002004+
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