206 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1David KochFreedom Partners Action Fund$2,000,0002014+
2David KochKoch Industries PAC $5,0002013+
3David KochTexans for Senator John CornynJohn Cornyn$2,6002013+
4David KochTexans for Senator John CornynJohn Cornyn$2,6002013+
5David KochNRSC $32,4002013+
6David KochSanford for Congress Mark Sanford$2,6002013+
7David KochTrust PAC Team Republicans for Utilizing Sensible Tactics $5,0002013+
8David KochNRCC$32,0002013+
9David KochSanford for Congress Mark Sanford$2,5002013+
10David KochFriends of John BarrassoJohn Barrasso $1,2002012+
11David KochRandy Altschuler for CongressRandy Altschuler$2,5002012+
12David KochFriends of Connie MackConnie Mack$2,5002012+
13David KochScott Brown for US Senate CommitteeScott Brown$-2,5002012+
14David KochScott Brown for US Senate CommitteeScott Brown$2,5002012+
15David KochScott Brown for US Senate CommitteeScott Brown$5,0002012+
16David KochHeller for SenateDean Heller$2,5002012+
17David KochGeorge Allen for US SenateGeorge Allen$2,5002012+
18David KochCitizens for Josh MandelJosh Mandel$2,5002012+
19David KochMontanans for RehbergDenny Rehberg$2,5002012+
20David KochBerg for SenateRick Berg$2,5002012+
21David KochFriends of Connie MackConnie Mack$2,5002012+
22David KochPompeo for CongressMike Pompeo$2,5002012+
23David KochHoosiers for Richard MourdockRichard Mourdock$2,5002012+
24David KochRepublican National Committee$4,2002012+
25David KochRomney for PresidentMitt Romney$2,5002012+
26David KochRomney for PresidentMitt Romney$2,5002012+
27David KochNRCC$30,8002012+
28David KochRepublican Governors Association$1,000,0002012+
29David KochMcConnell Senate Committee '14Mitch McConnell$2,5002011+
30David KochMcConnell Senate Committee '14Mitch McConnell$2,5002011+
31David KochKoch Industries PAC $5,0002011+
32David KochHatch Election CommitteeOrrin Hatch$2,5002011+
33David KochHatch Election CommitteeOrrin Hatch$2,5002011+
34David KochNRSC $30,8002011+
35David KochRepublican Governors Association$1,000,0002011+
36David KochFree and Strong America PAC  $1,9912010+
37David KochFree and Strong America PAC  $-1,9912010+
38David KochMoran for Kansas Jerry Moran$1,1502010+
39David KochFriends of Kelly AyotteKelly Ayotte$2,4002010+
40David KochCarly for CaliforniaCarly Fiorina$2,4002010+
41David KochFriends of John ThuneJohn Thune$2,4002010+
42David KochRon Johnson for SenateRon Johnson$2,4002010+
43David KochBuck for ColoradoKen Buck$2,4002010+
44David KochRand Paul for US SenateRand Paul$2,4002010+
45David KochRossi for SenateDino Rossi$2,4002010+
46David KochNRSC $4,5002010+
47David KochKoch Industries PAC$5,0002010+
48David KochKirk for SenateMark Kirk$2,4002010+
49David KochCantor for CongressEric Cantor$2,4002010+
50David KochToomey for Senate CommitteePat Toomey$2,4002010+
Contributions from private foundations and other nonprofit entities are based on a review of publicly available Forms 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Service. For more information about our methodology, visit our about page.