114 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

101Claws FoundationThe Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation$25,0002007+
102Claws FoundationThe 52nd Street Project$50,0002007+
103Claws FoundationChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia$2,000,0002007+
104Claws FoundationThe Wistar Institute$100,0002006+
105Claws FoundationThe Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation$25,0002006+
106Claws FoundationThe 52nd Street Project$200,0002006+
107Claws FoundationRefugePoint$100,0002006+
108Claws FoundationChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia$2,000,0002006+
109Claws FoundationChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia$1,000,0002006+
110Claws FoundationThe Wistar Institute$75,0002005+
111Claws FoundationThe Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation$25,0002005+
112Claws FoundationCrossroads Community Foundation$50,0002005+
113Claws FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$25,0002005+
114Claws FoundationChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia$2,000,0002005+
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