574 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

551Chase Foundation of VirginiaEthan Allen Institute$1,5002001+
552Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Freedom Foundation$15,0002001+
553Chase Foundation of VirginiaFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$8,0002001+
554Chase Foundation of VirginiaFoundation for Economic Education$14,0002001+
555Chase Foundation of VirginiaFoundation for Research on Economics & the Environment$7,0002001+
556Chase Foundation of VirginiaFraser Institute$7,0002001+
557Chase Foundation of VirginiaFuture of Freedom Foundation$11,0002001+
558Chase Foundation of VirginiaHeartland Institute$20,0002001+
559Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Humane Studies$8,0002001+
560Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Justice$30,0002001+
561Chase Foundation of VirginiaJohn Locke Foundation$7,0002001+
562Chase Foundation of VirginiaKansas Policy Institute$7,0002001+
563Chase Foundation of VirginiaLocke Institute$9,0002001+
564Chase Foundation of VirginiaMackinac Center for Public Policy$10,0002001+
565Chase Foundation of VirginiaManhattan Institute for Policy Research$13,0002001+
566Chase Foundation of VirginiaNational Center for Policy Analysis$34,0002001+
567Chase Foundation of VirginiaPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$11,0002001+
568Chase Foundation of VirginiaProperty and Environment Research Center$8,0002001+
569Chase Foundation of VirginiaReason Foundation$14,0002001+
570Chase Foundation of VirginiaState Policy Network$15,0002001+
571Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Philadelphia Society$2,5002001+
572Chase Foundation of VirginiaThomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy$5,0002001+
573Chase Foundation of VirginiaVirginia Institute for Public Policy$16,0002001+
574Chase Foundation of VirginiaYoung America's Foundation$14,0002001+
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