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12012$16,455,235$1,064,490$500,000$913,000$927,569View 990
22011$16,516,943$1,249,435$1,000,000$895,500$912,030View 990
32010$16,307,361$-199,339$0$674,921$686,840View 990
42009$16,168,107$4,957,687$5,000,000$756,000$766,702View 990
52008$11,978,584$3,539,178$3,000,000$525,500$532,651View 990
62007$10,644,497$10,644,497$325,037$518,000$524,512View 990
72006$9,833,068$968,548$0$583,500$589,465View 990
82005$10,410,001$636,897$0$578,000$587,144View 990
92004$10,259,614$1,436,874$723,360$597,240$604,739View 990
102003$9,502,709$354,394$0$444,000$459,238View 990
112002$9,137,063$-159,104$176,026$436,000$450,896View 990
122001$9,977,386$1,176,714$1,570,799$425,000$479,070View 990

574 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Chase Foundation of VirginiaVirginia Institute for Public Policy$28,0002012+
2Chase Foundation of VirginiaThomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy$4,0002012+
3Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Philadelphia Society$1,0002012+
4Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Independent Institute$8,0002012+
5Chase Foundation of VirginiaTax Foundation$15,0002012+
6Chase Foundation of VirginiaState Policy Network$10,0002012+
7Chase Foundation of VirginiaRio Grande Foundation$10,0002012+
8Chase Foundation of VirginiaReason Foundation$32,0002012+
9Chase Foundation of VirginiaPublic Notice Research and Education Fund$100,0002012+
10Chase Foundation of VirginiaProperty and Environment Research Center$12,0002012+
11Chase Foundation of VirginiaPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$15,0002012+
12Chase Foundation of VirginiaPacific Legal Foundation$10,0002012+
13Chase Foundation of VirginiaYoung America's Foundation$10,0002012+
14Chase Foundation of VirginiaNational Center for Policy Analysis$36,0002012+
15Chase Foundation of VirginiaMontreal Economic Institute$10,0002012+
16Chase Foundation of VirginiaMercatus Center$100,0002012+
17Chase Foundation of VirginiaManhattan Institute for Policy Research$5,0002012+
18Chase Foundation of VirginiaMackinac Center for Public Policy$12,0002012+
19Chase Foundation of VirginiaLocke Institute$13,0002012+
20Chase Foundation of VirginiaLaw Enforcement Against Prohibition$4,0002012+
21Chase Foundation of VirginiaJohn Locke Foundation$10,0002012+
22Chase Foundation of VirginiaJames Madison Institute$2,0002012+
23Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Justice$35,0002012+
24Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Humane Studies$12,0002012+
25Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Health Freedom$5,0002012+
26Chase Foundation of VirginiaInstitute for Energy Research$5,0002012+
27Chase Foundation of VirginiaIndependent Women's Forum$2,0002012+
28Chase Foundation of VirginiaHispanic American Center for Economic Research$10,0002012+
29Chase Foundation of VirginiaHeartland Institute$25,0002012+
30Chase Foundation of VirginiaGoldwater Institute$12,0002012+
31Chase Foundation of VirginiaFuture of Freedom Foundation$12,0002012+
32Chase Foundation of VirginiaFund for American Studies$14,0002012+
33Chase Foundation of VirginiaFreedomWorks$15,0002012+
34Chase Foundation of VirginiaFraser Institute$17,0002012+
35Chase Foundation of VirginiaFoundation for Research on Economics & the Environment$15,0002012+
36Chase Foundation of VirginiaFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$15,0002012+
37Chase Foundation of VirginiaFoundation for Economic Education$12,0002012+
38Chase Foundation of VirginiaFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$12,0002012+
39Chase Foundation of VirginiaFamilies Against Mandatory Minimums$2,0002012+
40Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Freedom Foundation$15,0002012+
41Chase Foundation of VirginiaCompetitive Enterprise Institute$19,0002012+
42Chase Foundation of VirginiaCommittee for a Constructive Tomorrow$10,0002012+
43Chase Foundation of VirginiaCato Institute$25,0002012+
44Chase Foundation of VirginiaCascade Policy Institute$12,0002012+
45Chase Foundation of VirginiaBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$5,0002012+
46Chase Foundation of VirginiaThe Atlas Society$10,0002012+
47Chase Foundation of VirginiaAtlas Economic Research Foundation$40,0002012+
48Chase Foundation of VirginiaAmericans for Prosperity$70,0002012+
49Chase Foundation of VirginiaAmerican Spectator Foundation$5,0002012+
50Chase Foundation of VirginiaAmerican Friends of the Institute of Economic Affairs$10,0002012+
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