699 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

651Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for Justice$30,0001996+
652Castle Rock FoundationInstitute on Religion and Public Life$20,0001996+
653Castle Rock FoundationInstitute on Religion and Public Life$10,0001996+
654Castle Rock FoundationMedia Research Center$25,0001996+
655Castle Rock FoundationMountain States Legal Foundation$35,0001996+
656Castle Rock FoundationNational Alumni Forum$10,0001996+
657Castle Rock FoundationNational Association of Scholars$25,0001996+
658Castle Rock FoundationPacific Legal Foundation$25,0001996+
659Castle Rock FoundationPacific Legal Foundation$25,0001996+
660Castle Rock FoundationPacific Research Institute for Public Policy$25,0001996+
661Castle Rock FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$5,0001996+
662Castle Rock FoundationProprietors of the Boston Athenaeum$50,0001996+
663Castle Rock FoundationStatistical Assessment Service$25,0001996+
664Castle Rock FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0001996+
665Castle Rock FoundationYoung America's Foundation$25,0001996+
666Castle Rock FoundationA Christian Ministry in the National Parks$15,0001995+
667Castle Rock FoundationAdolph Coors Medical Research Foundation$1,000,0001995+
668Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$10,0001995+
669Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Indian College Fund$29,0001995+
670Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$50,0001995+
671Castle Rock FoundationAshiwi Awan Museum and Heritage Center$10,0001995+
672Castle Rock FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$14,6001995+
673Castle Rock FoundationCamp St. Augustine - Boston MA$10,0001995+
674Castle Rock FoundationCascade Policy Institute$20,0001995+
675Castle Rock FoundationCenter for Individual Rights$25,0001995+
676Castle Rock FoundationCouncil for National Policy$5,0001995+
677Castle Rock FoundationDavid Horowitz Freedom Center$50,0001995+
678Castle Rock FoundationDefenders of Property Rights$25,0001995+
679Castle Rock FoundationFoundation for Teaching Economics$30,0001995+
680Castle Rock FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$150,0001995+
681Castle Rock FoundationHillsdale College$152,0001995+
682Castle Rock FoundationIndependence Institute$30,0001995+
683Castle Rock FoundationInstitute on Religion and Public Life$10,0001995+
684Castle Rock FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$50,0001995+
685Castle Rock FoundationInvestment Fund For Foundations$30,0001995+
686Castle Rock FoundationLeadership Institute$25,0001995+
687Castle Rock FoundationMadison Center for Educational Affairs$35,0001995+
688Castle Rock FoundationMountain States Legal Foundation$35,0001995+
689Castle Rock FoundationNational Association of Scholars$25,0001995+
690Castle Rock FoundationNational Center for Public Policy Research$25,0001995+
691Castle Rock FoundationNevada Policy Research Institute$50,0001995+
692Castle Rock FoundationPalm Springs Art Museum$25,0001995+
693Castle Rock FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$5,0001995+
694Castle Rock FoundationSaint James School (St. James MD)$50,0001995+
695Castle Rock FoundationSoutheastern Legal Foundation$25,0001995+
696Castle Rock FoundationEnactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise)$7,5001995+
697Castle Rock FoundationThe Education and Research Institute$40,0001995+
698Castle Rock FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0001995+
699Castle Rock FoundationUnited Negro College Fund$30,0001995+
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