699 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

601Castle Rock FoundationIndependence Institute$5,0001997+
602Castle Rock FoundationIndependence Institute$25,0001997+
603Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for American Values$35,0001997+
604Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for Justice$35,0001997+
605Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for Research on the Economics of Taxation$15,0001997+
606Castle Rock FoundationInstitute on Religion and Public Life$30,0001997+
607Castle Rock FoundationIntercollegiate Studies Institute$50,0001997+
608Castle Rock FoundationJack Swigert Memorial Commission$20,0001997+
609Castle Rock FoundationLandmark Legal Foundation$50,0001997+
610Castle Rock FoundationLeadership Institute$30,0001997+
611Castle Rock FoundationMedia Research Center$50,0001997+
612Castle Rock FoundationEdChoice (Formerly Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice)$25,0001997+
613Castle Rock FoundationMountain States Legal Foundation$35,0001997+
614Castle Rock FoundationNational Alumni Forum$25,0001997+
615Castle Rock FoundationNational Association of Scholars$30,0001997+
616Castle Rock FoundationNational Center for Policy Analysis$15,0001997+
617Castle Rock FoundationNational Fatherhood Initiative$25,0001997+
618Castle Rock FoundationNational Institute for Science Law and Public Policy$50,0001997+
619Castle Rock FoundationNational Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation$35,0001997+
620Castle Rock FoundationPacific Legal Foundation$25,0001997+
621Castle Rock FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$5,0001997+
622Castle Rock FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$5,0001997+
623Castle Rock FoundationPromise Keepers$50,0001997+
624Castle Rock FoundationProperty and Environment Research Center$22,0001997+
625Castle Rock FoundationProprietors of the Boston Athenaeum$50,0001997+
626Castle Rock FoundationSoutheastern Legal Foundation$35,0001997+
627Castle Rock FoundationEnactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise)$7,5001997+
628Castle Rock FoundationThe Education and Research Institute$25,0001997+
629Castle Rock FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$100,0001997+
630Castle Rock FoundationWashington Family Council$25,0001997+
631Castle Rock FoundationWestern Journalism Center$98,5001997+
632Castle Rock FoundationWestmoreland Scholar Foundation$5,0001997+
633Castle Rock FoundationA Christian Ministry in the National Parks$15,0001996+
634Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$10,0001996+
635Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Indian College Fund$29,0001996+
636Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$50,0001996+
637Castle Rock FoundationAshiwi Awan Museum and Heritage Center$10,0001996+
638Castle Rock FoundationCenter for Science Technology and Political Thought$18,5001996+
639Castle Rock FoundationUnited Negro College Fund$30,0001996+
640Castle Rock FoundationUnited Negro College Fund$30,0001996+
641Castle Rock FoundationCouncil for National Policy$5,0001996+
642Castle Rock FoundationEducational Research Analysts$5,0001996+
643Castle Rock FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$30,0001996+
644Castle Rock FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$150,0001996+
645Castle Rock FoundationGeorge Washington University$25,0001996+
646Castle Rock FoundationHillsdale College$171,5001996+
647Castle Rock FoundationHudson Institute$30,0001996+
648Castle Rock FoundationIndependence Institute$5,0001996+
649Castle Rock FoundationIndependence Institute$30,0001996+
650Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for American Values$35,0001996+
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