In November 2011, Castle Rock Foundation merged with Adolph Coors Foundation and transferred all of its assets, totaling more than 38 million, to the Adolph Coors Foundation.

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Grants In
Grants Out
Total Expenses
12011$0$528,589$0$1,760,000$2,187,265View 990
22010$38,894,146$-598,286$0$1,259,000$1,533,783View 990
32009$37,592,552$-3,310,108$0$2,415,000$2,716,927View 990
42008$33,685,104$-28,662$0$279,500$2,966,231View 990
52007$60,719,061$1,458,032$0$2,538,000$2,708,489View 990
62006$59,547,290$1,241,808$0$2,473,000$2,662,009View 990
72005$54,235,113$948,683$0$2,441,285$2,586,987View 990
82004$51,778,679$542,758$0$2,184,135$2,306,872View 990
92003$47,100,918$176,545$0$2,145,850$2,264,055View 990
102002$40,978,334$-452,894$0$2,733,395$2,773,395View 990
112001$50,862,306$2,510,386$0$3,397,000$3,523,472View 990

699 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Castle Rock FoundationThe Prometheus Institute (Irvine CA)$40,0002011+
2Castle Rock FoundationTexas Public Policy Foundation$40,0002011+
3Castle Rock FoundationSutherland Institute$10,0002011+
4Castle Rock FoundationSouth Carolina Policy Council$25,0002011+
5Castle Rock FoundationSociety for the Increase of the Ministry$75,0002011+
6Castle Rock FoundationShow-Me Institute$10,0002011+
7Castle Rock FoundationProperty and Environment Research Center$50,0002011+
8Castle Rock FoundationMackinac Center for Public Policy$25,0002011+
9Castle Rock FoundationMississippi Center for Public Policy$20,0002011+
10Castle Rock FoundationIndependent Women's Forum$50,0002011+
11Castle Rock FoundationInstitute for Energy Research$50,0002011+
12Castle Rock FoundationGoldwater Institute$50,0002011+
13Castle Rock FoundationCascade Policy Institute$30,0002011+
14Castle Rock FoundationCenter for Equal Opportunity$25,0002011+
15Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$50,0002011+
16Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Studies Center$50,0002011+
17Castle Rock FoundationDiscovery Institute$25,0002011+
18Castle Rock FoundationEthics and Public Policy Center$75,0002011+
19Castle Rock FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$60,0002011+
20Castle Rock FoundationFoundation for Excellence in Education$150,0002011+
21Castle Rock FoundationFreedoms Foundation at Valley Forge$40,0002011+
22Castle Rock FoundationFund for American Studies$25,0002011+
23Castle Rock FoundationGeorge Mason University$30,0002011+
24Castle Rock FoundationHillsdale College$140,0002011+
25Castle Rock FoundationIdaho Freedom Foundation$10,0002011+
26Castle Rock FoundationNational Center for Public Policy Research$30,0002011+
27Castle Rock FoundationNetwork For Teaching Entrepreneurship$50,0002011+
28Castle Rock FoundationNew England Legal Foundation$20,0002011+
29Castle Rock FoundationPelican Institute for Public Policy$20,0002011+
30Castle Rock FoundationPhilanthropy Roundtable$75,0002011+
31Castle Rock Foundation1851 Center for Constitutional Law$10,0002011+
32Castle Rock FoundationAmericans for Prosperity Foundation$50,0002011+
33Castle Rock FoundationBeacon Hill Institute$20,0002011+
34Castle Rock FoundationCommonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives$25,0002011+
35Castle Rock FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$30,0002011+
36Castle Rock FoundationFranklin Center for Government & Public Integrity$25,0002011+
37Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Indian College Fund$34,0002010+
38Castle Rock FoundationAmerican Legislative Exchange Council$50,0002010+
39Castle Rock FoundationAtlantic Legal Foundation$20,0002010+
40Castle Rock FoundationBuckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions$20,0002010+
41Castle Rock FoundationCenter for Competitive Politics$15,0002010+
42Castle Rock FoundationCenter for Equal Opportunity$25,0002010+
43Castle Rock FoundationClare Boothe Luce Policy Institute$10,0002010+
44Castle Rock FoundationDavid Horowitz Freedom Center$35,0002010+
45Castle Rock FoundationEpiscopal Relief & Development$125,0002010+
46Castle Rock FoundationFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$20,0002010+
47Castle Rock FoundationFree Congress Research and Education Foundation$25,0002010+
48Castle Rock FoundationGoldwater Institute$50,0002010+
49Castle Rock FoundationHillsdale College$140,0002010+
50Castle Rock FoundationIllinois Policy Institute$15,0002010+
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