313 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$250,0002011+
52Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$250,0002011+
53Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$250,0002011+
54Bob PerryPawlenty for PresidentTim Pawlenty$-2,5002011+
55Bob PerryPawlenty for PresidentTim Pawlenty$-2,5002011+
56Bob PerryPawlenty for PresidentTim Pawlenty$2,5002011+
57Bob PerryPawlenty for PresidentTim Pawlenty$5,0002011+
58Bob PerryNRSC $30,4002011+
59Bob PerryMake US Great AgainRick Perry$100,0002011+
60Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$-2,5002011+
61Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
62Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
63Bob PerryDewhurst for TexasDavid Dewhurst$2,5002011+
64Bob PerryBill Flores for CongressBill Flores$-2,3002011+
65Bob PerryBill Flores for CongressBill Flores$2,4002011+
66Bob PerryBill Flores for CongressBill Flores$2,4002011+
67Bob PerryBill Flores for CongressBill Flores$2,4002011+
68Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$2,000,0002011+
69Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$500,0002011+
70Bob PerryTim Griffin for Congress Campaign CommitteeTim Griffin$2,4002010+
71Bob PerrySteve Chabot for CongressSteve Chabot$2,4002010+
72Bob PerrySouth Carolina Republican Party$10,0002010+
73Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$2,000,0002010+
74Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$1,000,0002010+
75Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$500,0002010+
76Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$2,000,0002010+
77Bob PerryRepublican Governors Association$500,0002010+
78Bob PerryPoe for CongressTed Poe$2,4002010+
79Bob PerryPoe for CongressTed Poe$2,4002010+
80Bob PerryPeople for PearceSteve Pearce$2,4002010+
81Bob PerryNeugebauer Congressional CommitteeRandy Neugebauer$2,4002010+
82Bob PerryNRSC $30,4002010+
83Bob PerryNRSC $11,0002010+
84Bob PerryMartha Roby for CongressMartha Roby$2,4002010+
85Bob PerryLee Sheila Jackson Sheila Jackson Lee$1,0002010+
86Bob PerryKirk for SenateMark Kirk$2,4002010+
87Bob PerryJohn Carter for CongressJohn Carter$2,4002010+
88Bob PerryGOPAC$10,0002010+
89Bob PerryFriends of Dennis RossDennis Ross$2,4002010+
90Bob PerryFriends of Dave ReichertDave Reichert $2,4002010+
91Bob PerryFirst Amendment Alliance$50,0002010+
92Bob PerryElect Blake Farenthold CommitteeBlake Farenthold$2,4002010+
93Bob PerryDan Coats for IndianaDan Coats$2,4002010+
94Bob PerryDan Coats for IndianaDan Coats$2,4002010+
95Bob PerryCalifornia Republican Party/V10$10,0002010+
96Bob PerryAndy Harris for CongressAndy Harris$2,4002010+
97Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$1,000,0002010+
98Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$2,000,0002010+
99Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$2,000,0002010+
100Bob PerryAmerican Crossroads$2,000,0002010+
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