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12013$1,730,370$1,709,155$1,550,000$2,147,120$2,151,932View 990
22012$3,153,527$631,235$450,000$834,080$849,242View 990
32011$1,225,534$1,460,461$1,250,000$2,127,310$2,144,503View 990
42010$1,682,972$526,406$0$2,040,672$2,053,413View 990
52009$3,031,561$272,872$0$1,691,878$1,710,548View 990
62008$5,313,087$332,376$0$1,728,964$1,743,473View 990
72007$5,715,854$4,333,083$4,000,000$2,128,874$2,141,855View 990
82006$3,524,626$2,436,930$2,016,000$5,033,916$5,066,481View 990
92005$6,134,745$337,899$0$3,102,332$3,153,513View 990
102004$10,684,619$9,666,091$9,438,000$1,799,062$1,805,651View 990
112003$2,367,654$1,231,944$1,000,000$2,450,649$2,453,834View 990
122002$3,260,984$2,756,590$2,500,000$2,899,566$2,923,200View 990
132001$3,323,994$1,719,020$356,500$3,047,919$3,053,265View 990

781 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationWFMT Public Radio$2,5002011+
2Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationUniversity of Chicago Laboratory Schools$200,0002011+
3Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationVisitation Church$1,0002011+
4Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationUnited Way of Metropolitan Chicago$5,0002011+
5Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationThe Metropolitan Museum of Art$1,5002011+
6Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationThe Center for Enriched Living$5,0002011+
7Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSt. Laurence High School$10,0002011+
8Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSt. Jude Children's Research Hospital$2,5002011+
9Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSociety of the Divine Saviour$27,0002011+
10Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSchool of the Art Institute of Chicago$100,0002011+
11Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSanta Fe Opera$25,0002011+
12Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSalvation Army - Chicago$10,0002011+
13Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationOld Town Triangle Association$5002011+
14Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationMorehouse College$3,0002011+
15Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationMetropolitan Opera Association$10,0002011+
16Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationMercy Home for Boys & Girls$5,0002011+
17Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationLyric Opera of Chicago$25,0002011+
18Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationLincoln Park Zoological Society$5,0002011+
19Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationLincoln Central Association$1002011+
20Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationLight Opera Works$50,0002011+
21Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationJewish United Fund$100,0002011+
22Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationImmaculate Conception Church$2,5002011+
23Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationFairVote$10,0002011+
24Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationWTTW Public Television$3,5002011+
25Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChamber Opera Chicago$945,0002011+
26Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChicago Academy for the Arts$10,0002011+
27Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChicago Child Care Society$5,0002011+
28Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAnnual Catholic Appeal$5,0002011+
29Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAnshe Emet Synagogue$1,0002011+
30Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAvon Walk for Breast Cancer$5002011+
31Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationBoy Scouts of America - Chicago Area Council$5,0002011+
32Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationCatholic Relief Services$5,0002011+
33Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChicago Opera Theater$350,0002011+
34Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChicago Shakespeare Theater$25,0002011+
35Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChicago Symphony Orchestra$20,0002011+
36Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationChurch of the Three Crosses$3,7102011+
37Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationCivic Orchestra of Chicago$40,0002011+
38Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationClassical Symphony Orchestra$5,0002011+
39Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationDa Corneto Opera Ensemble$3,0002011+
40Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationDePaul University$5,0002011+
41Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationElgin Opera$6,0002011+
42Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationEmergency Fund$10,0002011+
43Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationEnsemble Espanol$1,0002011+
44Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationExecutive Service Corps of Chicago$5,0002011+
45Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationVerismo Opera Club$1,5002011+
46Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationWyoming Valley School$5002011+
47Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAthenaeum Theatre Productions$70,0002011+
48Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationSt. Peter & Paul Catholic Church (Chicago)$1,0002011+
49Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAnshe Emet Synagogue$1,0002010+
50Barbara and Barre Seid FoundationAvon Walk for Breast Cancer$5002010+
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