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12012$49,435,317$4,933,624$760,000$1,945,000$2,802,376View 990
22011$49,089,074$7,377,344$0$2,505,000$3,553,981View 990
32010$53,396,023$30,768,016$24,400,046$986,960$1,678,331View 990
42009$28,169,122$-7,674,025$2,362,351$1,810,200$2,226,000View 990
52008$35,738,513$3,654,014$275,000$1,550,375$2,038,931View 990
62007$36,869,472$8,683,177$4,075,000$933,750$1,312,569View 990
72006$27,969,034$12,880,510$10,900,000$703,000$865,140View 990
82005$15,025,746$2,012,341$771,576$582,500$703,631View 990
92004$13,794,955$2,487,059$337,075$516,100$595,227View 990
102003$11,647,283$-1,362,636$90,000$646,000$735,129View 990
112002$11,984,571$-1,030,221$85,000$751,183$858,825View 990

201 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund$1,800,0002012+
2Arthur N. Rupe FoundationSanta Barbara City College$145,0002012+
3Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund$2,400,0002011+
4Arthur N. Rupe FoundationSanta Barbara City College$100,0002011+
5Arthur N. Rupe FoundationYoung America's Foundation$5,0002011+
6Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCalifornia Association of Scholars$15,0002010+
7Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFidelity Charitable Gift Fund$850,0002010+
8Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFund for American Studies$1,0002010+
9Arthur N. Rupe FoundationHeartland Institute$44,0002010+
10Arthur N. Rupe FoundationHospice of San Luis Obispo County$1,0002010+
11Arthur N. Rupe FoundationInstitute for American Values$5,0002010+
12Arthur N. Rupe FoundationInstitute for Justice$10,0002010+
13Arthur N. Rupe FoundationMedia Research Center$1,0002010+
14Arthur N. Rupe FoundationPacific Legal Foundation$5,0002010+
15Arthur N. Rupe FoundationSanta Barbara City College$9,9602010+
16Arthur N. Rupe FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$25,0002010+
17Arthur N. Rupe FoundationThe Heritage Foundation$5,0002010+
18Arthur N. Rupe FoundationWashington Legal Foundation$15,0002010+
19Arthur N. Rupe FoundationAccuracy in Media$1,0002009+
20Arthur N. Rupe FoundationACTA Foundation$1,0002009+
21Arthur N. Rupe FoundationAmerican Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research$10,0002009+
22Arthur N. Rupe FoundationAmerican Red Cross Santa Barbara County Chapter$1,0002009+
23Arthur N. Rupe FoundationAmerican Textbook Council$15,0002009+
24Arthur N. Rupe FoundationAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals$1,0002009+
25Arthur N. Rupe FoundationBest Friends Animal Society$2,0002009+
26Arthur N. Rupe FoundationThe Blues Foundation$1,0002009+
27Arthur N. Rupe FoundationBond$1,0002009+
28Arthur N. Rupe FoundationBook-It Repertory Theatre$5,0002009+
29Arthur N. Rupe FoundationBoy Scouts of America$1,0002009+
30Arthur N. Rupe FoundationBraille Institute - Santa Barbara$1,0002009+
31Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCalifornia Association of Scholars$15,0002009+
32Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCALM$1,0002009+
33Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCancer Research Institute$1,0002009+
34Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCapital Research Center$25,0002009+
35Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCarnegie Library of McKeesport$2,5002009+
36Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCato Institute$75,0002009+
37Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCenter for Equal Opportunity$25,0002009+
38Arthur N. Rupe FoundationCitizens Against Government Waste$1,0002009+
39Arthur N. Rupe FoundationDavid Horowitz Freedom Center$5,0002009+
40Arthur N. Rupe FoundationDAWG$5002009+
41Arthur N. Rupe FoundationDoberman Pinscher Rescue$1,0002009+
42Arthur N. Rupe FoundationEducation Reform Now Inc$25,0002009+
43Arthur N. Rupe FoundationThe Freedom Foundation$25,0002009+
44Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFederalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies$40,0002009+
45Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFlame$1,0002009+
46Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFoundation for Economic Education$5,0002009+
47Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFoundation for Individual Rights in Education$50,0002009+
48Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFreedomWorks$1,0002009+
49Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFriends of Lewiston Library$5002009+
50Arthur N. Rupe FoundationFriends of Silverdale Library$3,5002009+
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