351 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

1Annette SimmonsRed White and Blue Fund$1,000,0002012+
2Annette SimmonsRed White and Blue Fund$200,0002012+
3Annette SimmonsConaway for Congress$1,0002011+
4Annette SimmonsNational Republican Senatorial Committee$30,8002011+
5Annette SimmonsKay Bailey Hutchison for Senate Committee$2,4002011+
6Annette SimmonsNewt 2012$2,5002011+
7Annette SimmonsPawlenty for President$5,0002011+
8Annette SimmonsPete Sessions for Congress$2,5002011+
9Annette SimmonsPawlenty for President$2,5002011+
10Annette SimmonsCitizens for Josh Mandel$2,5002011+
11Annette SimmonsCitizens for Josh Mandel$2,5002011+
12Annette SimmonsMichael Williams for Congress$2,5002011+
13Annette SimmonsRomney for President$2,5002011+
14Annette SimmonsFriends of John Thune$2,0002011+
15Annette SimmonsContran Corporation Political Action Committee$5,0002011+
16Annette SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$5,0002011+
17Annette SimmonsMarco Rubio for US Senate$2,5002011+
18Annette SimmonsDewhurst for Texas$2,5002011+
19Annette SimmonsRickPerry.org$2,5002011+
20Annette SimmonsPeople for Pearce$2,4002011+
21Annette SimmonsKay Granger Campaign Fund$2,4002011+
22Annette SimmonsThe Congressman Joe Barton Committee$2,5002011+
23Annette SimmonsCantor for Congress$2,5002011+
24Annette SimmonsCantor for Congress$2,5002011+
25Annette Simmons7th District Republican Committee$10,0002011+
26Annette SimmonsEvery Republican is Crucial$5,0002011+
27Annette SimmonsMartha Roby for Congress$1,0002010+
28Annette SimmonsNational Republican Congressional Committee$9,0002010+
29Annette SimmonsHoeven for Senate$2,0002010+
30Annette SimmonsFriends of John Thune$1,0002010+
31Annette SimmonsContran Corporation Political Action Committee$5,0002010+
32Annette SimmonsThe Congressman Joe Barton Committee$2,4002010+
33Annette SimmonsTom Watson for Congress$1,0002010+
34Annette SimmonsConaway for Congress$1,0002010+
35Annette SimmonsHall for Congress Committee (Ralph Hall)$1,0002010+
36Annette SimmonsPeople for Pearce$2,0002010+
37Annette SimmonsOlson for Congress Committee$2,4002010+
38Annette SimmonsBroden for Congress$1,0002010+
39Annette SimmonsKenny Marchant for Congress$1,0002010+
40Annette SimmonsColeman Minnesota Recount Committee$5,0002009+
41Annette SimmonsNational Republican Senatorial Committee$14,2502009+
42Annette SimmonsFriends for Harry Reid$2,4002009+
43Annette SimmonsNational Republican Congressional Committee$5,0002009+
44Annette SimmonsSimmons for Senate$2,4002009+
45Annette SimmonsSimmons for Senate$2,4002009+
46Annette SimmonsConaway for Congress$1,0002009+
47Annette SimmonsMcCaul for Congress$1,0002009+
48Annette SimmonsContran Corporation Political Action Committee$5,0002009+
49Annette SimmonsNational Republican Congressional Committee$11,0002009+
50Annette SimmonsToomey for Senate Committee$2,4002009+
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