137 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51Anne GriffinNational Republican Congressional Committee$30,0002010+
52Anne GriffinScott Brown$2,4002010+
53Anne GriffinNational Republican Senatorial Committee$30,4002009+
54Anne GriffinMark Kirk$2,4002009+
55Anne GriffinRichard C. Shelby$2,4002009+
56Anne GriffinRichard C. Shelby$2,4002009+
57Anne GriffinMichael N. Castle$2,4002009+
58Anne GriffinJane Norton$2,4002009+
59Anne GriffinPat Toomey$2,4002009+
60Anne GriffinSue Lowden$2,4002009+
61Anne GriffinNational Republican Senatorial Committee$28,5002008+
62Anne GriffinMitch McConnell$2,3002008+
63Anne GriffinRepublican Party of Kentucky$7,7002008+
64Anne GriffinMcCain Victory 2008$20,0002008+
65Anne GriffinRepublican National Committee$17,7002008+
66Anne GriffinJohn McCain$-4,6002008+
67Anne GriffinBarack Obama$-1002008+
68Anne GriffinJohn McCain$2,3002008+
69Anne GriffinJohn McCain$4,6002008+
70Anne GriffinNational Republican Senatorial Committee$7,5002007+
71Anne GriffinMax Baucus$2,3002007+
72Anne GriffinBarack Obama$-2,3002007+
73Anne GriffinBarack Obama$2,3002007+
74Anne GriffinBarack Obama$4,6002007+
75Anne GriffinChris Dodd$2,3002007+
76Anne GriffinDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee$28,5002007+
77Anne GriffinDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee$6,4002006+
78Anne GriffinRepublican National Committee$25,0002005+
79Anne GriffinVolunteer PAC$5,0002005+
80Anne GriffinJon Kyl$2,0002005+
81Anne GriffinDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee$25,0002005+
82Anne GriffinVolunteer PAC$2,0002005+
83Anne GriffinVolunteer PAC$2,0002005+
84Anne GriffinRepublican Party of Oregon$5212004+
85Anne GriffinRepublican Central Committee of Nevada$3722004+
86Anne GriffinRepublican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania$1,5622004+
87Anne GriffinLarry William Diedrich$7752004+
88Anne GriffinRepublican Party of Minnesota$6322004+
89Anne GriffinMissouri Republican State Committee$8182004+
90Anne GriffinArkansas Leadership Committee 2003$4462004+
91Anne GriffinJon Porter$7752004+
92Anne GriffinGeorge R. Nethercutt Jr.$2,0002004+
93Anne GriffinNew Hampshire Republican State Committee$2972004+
94Anne GriffinRichard Burr$2,0002004+
95Anne GriffinRoy Ashburn$7752004+
96Anne GriffinJim Gerlach$7752004+
97Anne GriffinRepublican Party of Maine$2972004+
98Anne GriffinMichael G. Fitzpatrick$7752004+
99Anne GriffinRick Renzi$7752004+
100Anne GriffinRepublican Party of Florida$2,0082004+
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