While the Koch brothers enjoy vast influence in the conservative movement thanks to their donor network and support for a variety of right-leaning nonprofits, the centerpiece of the Kochs’ political machine is Americans for Prosperity, the self-described “grassroots” organization best known for helping to fuel the rise of the Tea Party.

David Koch founded American for Prosperity (AFP) in 2004 after internal divisions caused another Koch-founded entity, Citizens for a Sound Economy, to dissolve into two separate groups (the other became FreedomWorks). Together with its companion “educational” foundation, AFP has become a leading force in anti-government activism and a major player in federal elections.

AFP’s activities include hosting the annual “Defending the American Dream Summit,” organizing nationwide campaigns on a range of issues (such as combating “climate alarmism” and opposing health care reform), and, increasingly, flooding the airwaves with attack ads targeting Democratic candidates. After spending nearly $40 million to influence the 2010 midterm elections, AFP spent a whopping $122 million in 2012. As of early February 2014, AFP had already spent close to $30 million against Democratic candidates in the 2014 midterms.

AFP boasts of having more than 90,000 individual donors, but a significant portion of its funding is tied to the Koch brothers. Although the group does not have to disclose its donors, two organizations associated with the Kochs, Freedom Partners and the Center to Protect Patient Rights, have reported contributions totaling more than $48 million since 2009.

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12014$7,611,462$82,682,125$82,499,013$278,045$90,412,075View 990
22013$12,656,629$44,245,689$44,213,113$200,000$34,791,542View 990
32012$2,502,380$115,126,635$115,011,549$485,870$122,250,942View 990
42011$8,890,280$25,606,023$25,408,358$3,002$17,697,139View 990
52010$2,629,702$22,089,095$21,715,876$0$24,064,187View 990
62009$2,388,384$16,565,957$16,336,753$0$14,475,217View 990
72008$377,260$7,035,262$7,012,051$0$7,047,048View 990
82007$507,143$3,461,193$3,442,441$20,000$4,177,304View 990
92006$956,813$3,429,610$3,420,446$35,000$2,868,427View 990
102005$286,964$650,777$650,777$0$513,824View 990
112004$120,112$869,730$869,730$0$912,491View 990

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1Americans for ProsperityLet the People Vote$20,0002014+
2Americans for ProsperityHome School Legal Defense Association$23,2002014+
3Americans for ProsperityCoalition for American Values Action$85,5002014+
4Americans for ProsperityEnterprise Freedom Action$200,0002013+
5Americans for ProsperityAmerican Energy Alliance$15,0002012+
6Americans for ProsperityCitizens for Community Values$5,8002012+
7Americans for ProsperityClark County School District$11,0002012+
8Americans for ProsperityConservative Alliance for Community Growth$6,4002012+
9Americans for ProsperityHampton Roads Tea Party$7,7002012+
10Americans for ProsperityNew Hampshire Advantage Coalition$20,0002012+
11Americans for ProsperityNPIB - The Voice of Free Enterprise$20,0002012+
12Americans for ProsperitySmart Girl Politics$5,6502012+
13Americans for ProsperityCenter to Protect Patient Rights$100,0002012+
14Americans for ProsperityWe The People Convention$20,0002012+
15Americans for ProsperityAmerican Principles in Action$7,2592012+
16Americans for ProsperityKeep Albuquerque Working$12,0002012+
17Americans for ProsperityNew Mexico Business Coalition$7,5002012+
18Americans for ProsperityTax Fairness for All Wichitans$43,0002012+
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