149 transactions on record as a donor.

Ordered By: Year (Newer to Older)

51American Natural Gas AllianceDemocratic Governors Association$75,0002012+
52American Natural Gas AllianceTexas Association of Business Economics$60,0002012+
53American Natural Gas AllianceCenter Stage$50,0002012+
54American Natural Gas AllianceNational Journal$50,0002012+
55American Natural Gas AllianceNCSL Foundation for State Legislatures$50,0002012+
56American Natural Gas AllianceTaxpayers for Common Sense$50,0002012+
57American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association of Counties$40,8982012+
58American Natural Gas AllianceVolta Live$35,0002012+
59American Natural Gas AllianceDeMetro Racing$30,0002012+
60American Natural Gas AllianceTexas League of Conservation Voters$30,0002012+
61American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners$27,4502012+
62American Natural Gas AllianceASGK Public Strategies$25,0002012+
63American Natural Gas AllianceFlorida Natural Gas Association$5,0002012+
64American Natural Gas AllianceInnovation Event Management$5,0002012+
65American Natural Gas AllianceLouisiana Public Service Commission$5,0002012+
66American Natural Gas AlliancePennsylvania State University$5,0002012+
67American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican Party of Florida$5,0002012+
68American Natural Gas AllianceBen Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA$5,0002012+
69American Natural Gas AllianceUniversity of Tennessee$5,0002012+
70American Natural Gas AllianceWest Virginia's Oil & Gas Expo$5,0002012+
71American Natural Gas AllianceWomen In Government Foundation$5,0002012+
72American Natural Gas AllianceWomen's Energy Network - Washington DC Chapter$5,0002012+
73American Natural Gas Alliance2011 NSCL Texas Host State Committee$100,0002011+
74American Natural Gas AllianceAmerican Association of Blacks in Energy$5,0002011+
75American Natural Gas AllianceAndover Technology Partners$22,0002011+
76American Natural Gas AllianceArkansas Independent Producers & Royalty Owners$12,5002011+
77American Natural Gas AllianceBipartisan Policy Center$250,0002011+
78American Natural Gas AllianceCongressional Sportsmen's Foundation$20,0002011+
79American Natural Gas AllianceConsumer Energy Alliance$158,0002011+
80American Natural Gas AllianceDemocratic Attorneys General Association$25,0002011+
81American Natural Gas AllianceDemocratic Governors Association$50,0002011+
82American Natural Gas AllianceEast Tennessee Quality Growth$5,0002011+
83American Natural Gas AllianceEnvironmental Council of the States$5,0002011+
84American Natural Gas AllianceGreat Plains Alliance for Clean Energy$25,0002011+
85American Natural Gas AllianceGreater Houston Partnership$5,0002011+
86American Natural Gas AllianceIllinois Oil and Gas Association$25,0002011+
87American Natural Gas AllianceInterstate Natural Gas Association of America Foundation$42,2002011+
88American Natural Gas AllianceMexican American Legislative Policy Council$10,0002011+
89American Natural Gas AllianceMichigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation$5,0002011+
90American Natural Gas AllianceMid-America Regulatory Conference$10,0002011+
91American Natural Gas AllianceNALEO Educational Fund$25,0002011+
92American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association for Business Economics$5,0002011+
93American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association of Counties$52,0002011+
94American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners$10,0002011+
95American Natural Gas AllianceNational Association of Royalty Owners$5,0002011+
96American Natural Gas AllianceNational Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators$25,0002011+
97American Natural Gas AllianceNCSL Foundation for State Legislatures$22,5002011+
98American Natural Gas AllianceProject New West$25,0002011+
99American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican Governors Association$101,8502011+
100American Natural Gas AllianceRepublican State Leadership Committee$107,5002011+
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